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Interview with Thomas Cameron

Spanking blogger Tim the Tum, who wrote a very positive review of Dreams of Spanking last month, has just published something rather more unusual - an interview with a male top spanking performer. Specifically, with our very own Thomas Cameron.

I've been a huge admirer of Tom's work for years, and am very pleased to see him garnering more widespread attention. The interview questions are well chosen and the answers are predictably interesting. I particularly enjoyed reading what Tom likes about spanking photo galleries as opposed to video, and his fascinating insights into the psychology and craft of topping, both on screen and in private.

1. I've come across a couple of your Northern Spanking shoots now, so you've obviously been around the scene for some years. I have to ask the obvious question first; when and how did you first get into spanking?

I became aware of my interest in it through a combination of literature, and growing up in a place where corporal punishment was still normal. I was raised as an Evangelical Christian, so once I became consciously aware that it was a sexual fetish of mine, I spent a number of years suppressing the drive as a perversion. Once I left that religion, I started to practice what I had always felt as 'normal' for me, both with kink and with polyamory.

2. A bit personal this one, but have you only ever topped? I did for years before recently getting interesting in switching, but I do wonder if one becomes a better top for having experienced the other side. What do you think?

It's certainly a persuasive argument. I am a Top, pretty much to the core; control is a basic identity function for me, and being deprived of it would seriously erode my sanity. I also have a couple of experiences in my early life which lead to what can only be described as berserk responses if anyone tries to restrain me, so switching is not really possible for me to try safely.

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I'm glad you liked the questions; it was a pleasure to ask questions of someone working from the "opposite side" of the spanking equation, and Tom's answers were both thoughtful and insightful.

I've nearly finished writing my questions for you, which reflect on some of the points Tom made, and also some things from my interview with Leia.

All the best (and thanks for the plug)


Thanks for writing such excellent questions for both of us!

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