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Hitting Snooze

The latest film to go up is actually the first video we ever shot for Dreams of Spanking. It's called Hitting Snooze, and it's a short, punchy domestic discipline scene starring me and Tom.

This is sort of based on truth, and sort of not. Tom habitually wakes earlier than I do - I'm somewhat nocturnal by nature - and when we live together and I need to get up early, he'll often provide an alarm call. Of course, I'm perfectly capable of getting up on my own, and have managed very well while living on my own, working in offices and catching planes and things, but it's nice to be woken up by my beloved, especially if he comes bearing tea. He doesn't normally spank me out of bed - I'm far too grumpy pre-caffeine to tolerate that sort of treatment - but the threat of it has been known to be effective on occasion.

In this film, I'm meant to be starting a new job and have asked Tom to make sure I get up in time. When I persistently ignore the alarm, Tom is obliged to take me over his knee for a brisk awakening with the hairbrush.

It's a fairly simple scene - the plot is pretty straightforward and the spanking itself, realistically, would not be a long one. As the first video we ever shot, I have a soft spot for it. But I also like it because, as well as the consensual, believable, on-the-spot domestic punishment, it includes some real affection and intimacy. And how many bedroom punishments do you see where the male top is nearly nude, as well as the female spankee? I don't know how many of the ladies reading this will agree with me, but I think Tom looks rather good topless (mmmm, those shoulders), and I think it makes the scene just that bit sexier.

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Very cute

I love this blog, I can't believe I haven't stumbled on it before. Personally, I would love to see more of this kind of home style D/s.. Might even pay for that :) anyhoo, thanks for sharing

There's lots more of this sort of domestic D/S on the site :) These are the tags you want to check out:

domestic discipline

Enjoy :)

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