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Ghosts, slavegirls and superheroes

This week's photogallery, Amelia in the Bedroom, features Amelia Jane Rutherford as a slavegirl - or possibly a fairytale princess. See what you think:

I had a lot of fun topping Amelia in this scene, and she looked utterly beautiful, innocent in white, against the rich scarlet brocade of the four poster bed. The stunning photography is by none other than Hywel Phillips, and working with the pair of them was a real treat.

This is the third update featuring Amelia, and although I didn't plan it that way, all three scenes published so far are from the last day of shooting.

We spent three days in total working with Hywel and Amelia last August. The first day I spent modelling for their site Restrained Elegance, shooting bondage video featuring interrogations, abductions, captured lady pirates and slavegirls playing kinky chess. The next two days we were shooting for Dreams of Spanking.

The four poster bed scene, Need to Know and Through the Bedroom Door were all shot on the third and last day of filming. All these scenes were fairly short and straightforward and I was topping in two of them, so it was fairly simple from my point of view. When you're also producing/directing, topping is so much easier than bottoming all day!

The fourth scene we filmed that day was a longer video, a horror/ghost story set in a haunted bed and breakfast. This is one of the more ambitious movies I've filmed so far and I'm waiting until I'm a little more confident at post-production before attempting to edit it. It involves nightmares, a haunted wardrobe, horrible Victorian thrashings and LOTS of drama!

Amelia is the star, with Tom and I playing cameo roles. I'd written a shot-by-shot shooting script, and Hywel was a director's dream, handling the lighting and camerawork calmly and expertly.

Preview screengrab from A Ghost Story

On the middle day, the first day shooting for this site, we filmed three longer videos. They were all very different in feel.

First of all, I'd written a light-hearted action spoof called The Avenger's Return, set in the world of superhero comics. I play a wannabe superhero whose training is interrupted by the return of her mentor's ex-protegée and arch-nemesis, The Avenger. It involved silly impractical costumes (my character is attempting to learn to fight while wearing a shiny latex ballgown!), an actual sword-fight choreographed by Amelia herself, whose many talents include fight choreography for the stage (both she and Tom are experienced fencers), and one of my personal all time top fetishes, a real, actual whipping with a real, honest-to-goodness sword.

The second film explored one of my oldest fantasies, borrowed from pretty much every erotic BDSM novel I've ever read: the initiation of a new slavegirl into the use of an exclusive gentlemen's club. Tom and Hywel were, of course, the gentlemen; Amelia played their well-trained pet; and I was the nervous new girl brought in off the street.

Lots of interesting dynamics arose between the four of us, and we had ample opportunity to explore our diverse kinky tastes, from bondage to slave training, human furniture, hand punishment, nipple clamps and hot wax. Plus plenty of spanking, whipping and caning, of course! The resulting scene turned into an almost feature-length film, which I'm hoping to release as a Valentine's special in a couple of weeks.

By contrast, the last scene of the day was very silly indeed.

I had an image in my head of a submissive hogtied on a dinner table, while guests calmly ate food off her. My shoulders aren't bendy enough to stay in a hogtie for a sensible length of time, so I asked Amelia if she'd be willing. She was. Somehow or another, I ended up volunteering to have dinner eaten off me too, bent over the end of the table rather than displayed in the middle of it. Thus the concept for the strangest suburban dinner party ever was born.

I spent ages trying to work out what sort of food to serve, something that would keep while we were setting up, and be edible without being too hot on the skin. In the end our chef, who specialises in confectionery, proposed that we set the scene at the dessert stage of the evening, and offered to provide us with a selection of cakes and puddings. I was a little reluctant to use cake, not wanting to borrow from the excellent Wheatley Manor by Northern Spanking, in which Niki Flynn is put naked on the table as punishment while the others eat cake off her. But eventually I agreed that it was more practical than any of the other options. To create variety, we decided to add in some fresh fruit, with bowls of whipped cream and chocolate ganache to dip them in.

Rather than the slightly edgy public humiliation film I'd envisaged, the resulting scene was a ludicrous, ultra-camp, messy fest of bondage, spanking, and lashings and lashings of whipped cream, chocolate and butterscotch sauce. It was divinely silly, utterly delicious, and I'm not quite sure the end result matches anyone's idea of porn exactly, but it was tremendous fun to do!

Later that evening I discovered the big cock-up: throughout the whole dramatic, unrepeatable scene, the microphone was not recording.

We had a backup camera running, which had picked up some sound, but the battery for this had died halfway through the scene too. What a nightmare! So we only have sound for the first half of this, and it stops - of all places - just as the canings begin. Up to then there's some spanking and beatings with a wooden spoon, but the scenario was silly enough to start with - without sound during the "main event" of the two-girl, two-top caning, it just wasn't viable.

Well. I'd been a little unsure that I'd be able to get away with this as a proper website update anyway: the mishap just made the decision easier. And it was a useful learning curve: since then I've been extra careful with my pre-shoot checklist to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.

We recorded some jolly behind the scenes chatter with Hywel and Amelia, talking over the part without sound like the Director's Commentary on a DVD extra, and I'll release it as a gallery of screengrabs and a bonus behind-the-scenes, outtakey sort of film. In a way, it's a blessing that the cock-up didn't happen to one of the more serious, more intense CP films.

I learned an awful lot working with such experienced filmmakers as Hywel and Amelia, and the time passed all too quickly. I very much hope they'll be back to work with us again. In the meantime I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the scenes with you - the gentlemen's club and the ghost story in particular are two of my favourite films to date. I hope you like the results as much as we enjoyed making them.


Can't wait!

While all of those scenes look great I must say that that both you and Amelia look stunning in The Avengers Return, in particular.

I really enjoy superhero stuff, and we need more genre spankings damnit!

All the best


When we have budget I'd quite like to do a properly-costumed superhero-style film, possibly set in George R.R. Martin's collaborative Wildcard prose superhero universe, or in the world of the Invisibles, or something like that.

Interesting ideas

Only just seen this; I always enjoyed the Wildcard books, and some tremendous writers contributed.

The Invisibles though? Grant Morrison's Invisibles. That's quite a mindfuck to consider. I'm quite blown away at the idea of a spanking video set against the background of Grant's demented imagination.

I assume from the reference that you are, at least, a bit of a comics fan.

I always thought that Fables would make a good background for a spanking story.

All the best


I am, indeed, a bit of a graphic novel fan.

Other classics to do spanking porn in would include The Punisher (well, obviously!) and Transmetropolitan.

With Fables, there's a couple of references, though no scenes that I recall, in the existing canon.

I also kind of like the idea of doing spanking porn set in Alan Moore's Top 10 precinct; you could have a lot of fun with that.

Oooh, interesting! I thought this was one of the more self-indulgent scenes, so I'm pleased to see a positive response to it. Might aim to publish it sooner if people are keen to see it :)

Swords! Yay! Looking forward to it a lot :)

It got slightly daft, due mostly to low beams and limited movement space. It was also a lot of fun!


Loss of sound

Imagine, your direct boss (CEO of a major company) has retired and we are having a big party with all the trimmings including me with my trusted video camera and an external mike just for better quality.
As long as I was simply recording the proceedings of the evening, everything was fine. But when I stared to recite the laudatio on our former boss, an elaborate poem I sweat uncounted hours on, my multitasking capabilities hit the limit and I forgot to switch on the mike.
You see, Pandora, you are not alone! :-)

Phew - I'm glad to know it's not just me!

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