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F/F shoot with Zoe Montana

I've just come back from a day shooting with the lovely Zoe Montana. She was on one of the first Dreams of Spanking shoots back in 2009, before she left the UK for her native Australia. We've kept in touch since then, and met up once on a brief visit back in London. Now, she's currently back in the UK for a few weeks. I knew she had a lot of different things planned while she was here, but to my delight we're managing to see loads of each other - including shooting some new spanking scenes for the site.

It was a low-key, informal shoot with a couple of friends, John and Isabella, who both kindly agreed to step in as camera operators, despite not having been on a spanking video shoot before. I carried my camera, lights, tripod and other equipment by hand on the train, and during the shoot I handled all the technical setup myself. A year ago this would have stressed me out, but I've come a long way since then. It was lovely to feel so beautifully portable and self-sufficient, with enough production experience to know what I was doing.

I decided to keep the scenes relatively simple, focussing on the connection between Zoe and I and freeing up energy to concentrate on our mutual love of hard CP. In the first two scenes we play a domme/sub couple who are going out to a play party. It's the first time Zoe's taken her new sub out in public. They get ready together, with Zoe choosing lingerie, jewellery and accessories for her submissive, including nipple clamps to wear under her dress. With the addition of some vivid cane stripes, the outfit is complete.

In the second film, the two ladies return home from the party and share their memories of the evening as they indulge in an erotic bedroom scene. Things get hot and steamy, with lots of teasing, sensual touch, playing with the nipple clamps and, of course, spanking! I experienced Zoe's hand, some painful strokes with the riding crop, and finally an intense and very sexy caning.

In the third scene we played two housemates who have very different attitudes to environmental issues. Zoe has asked Pandora again and again to remember to separate the recycling and compostables from landfill. Eventually, she is obliged to resort to a spanking to remind Pandora of the importance of looking after our planet.

Zoe's character was meant to be in the right, but she also played her earth mother character for laughs, producing a perfect parody of a dippy hippy. We had to cut a few times to cover our giggles, and I think the result should be rather entertaining. The punishment was pretty serious though - a hard, extended over the knee spanking with hand and wooden paddle.

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

We're shooting with Zoe again next week, to film some more F/F and F/M scenes with Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway at a very special venue. I'm so very glad to have the chance for not one, but two spanking shoots with Zoe while she's here this time!



If they are on film a few minutes of outtakes of you and Zoe have a fit of giggles might be fun.

I think I can safely promise that there will be outtakes!

You and Zoe

May I say that dark flowered dress suits you and would be most attractive for a "skirt down" caning. If, when you tire of it, you allow it to be split open to show the stripes, the material will contrast beautifully with the pale flesh.

Funny you should say that - we included a caning over the evening gown in the second scene, and I very much had you in mind! I hope you like it :)

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