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Crying while topping

The last scene from Jimmy Holloway's first ever spanking shoot has just gone up: Punishment by Proxy. It's a squirmy, awful little scene which we had a LOT of fun making.

Neither of us had really spanked someone before, so having to spank each other was a punishment in itself. We both felt self-conscious and embarrassed. If we'd actually been hurting each other in a way the other didn't want we'd have been appalled, so it didn't take much acting to exaggerate our innate sense of empathy and horror of doing harm.

The juiciest, horriblest bit of this edgy scene, for me, was the way that both of us tried to be ever so brave during our spankings, to try and protect each other. So in each spanking it was the spanker that was suffering most visibly, while the spankee hid their face and tried to be as stoic as possible. Crying while topping: may in fact be my new favourite kink.

Fun facts:

1. This film wins the prize for the highest number of categories so far - F/F, F/M and M/F!

2. The pad with the bristles on actually flew out of the Mason & Pearson brush while Zoe was spanking me - twice. The first time is captured in the out takes at the end of the movie, and the second time it happened we kept rolling and went with it. Although I'd have quite liked to do this scene with a wooden hairbrush, I didn't think it was fair to inflict that on Jimmy on his first shoot; and given his hip problems, we were better off not trying. I can assure you that the Mason & Pearson can pack a real wallop, and has made me struggle over Tom's lap on many occasions.

The other reason this film is special to me is the behind the scenes video. At the end of the day, since we had a little time left, Zoe asked Jimmy if he'd like another six with the cane to round things off. He seemed keen on the idea, if somewhat nervous. She didn't go light on him, either, and he took them very well indeed. The whole little scene was entirely unplanned and unscripted, and it was lovely to watch Zoe and Jimmy just enjoying the chance to play a little more while they had the chance.


Great scene

This scene has something to offer for most spanking tastes, I guess. I do like the psychology behind it, i.e. being forced to punish someone you like and being brave to not make it worse for one's mate. Well done.

Minor technical issue: Unfortunately, I can't watch or download the behind the scenes clip, I get an error message.

I love scenes that give the spankee a good reason to be brave! They get to protect their honour, and we get to watch them struggle. Winning all round.

Thanks for the heads up on the broken link - not sure how I missed that one, but it's all working now.

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