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Candid spankings

I had a brilliant time at our launch party on Thursday, a small pub gathering of performers and crew in London. It was lovely to reunite people who hadn't seen each other since they last worked together, and to bask in the truly excellent company. I've been lucky to work with some amazing people so far, and hope to add some exciting new names to the team this year.

I also attended my own launch party with a sore bottom, which felt entirely appropriate. Taking advantage of having Tricia and Thomas in town, I got them together for a mini-shoot before the party to film a single scene. Tom and I had been planning a couple of bedroom videos expressing the more extended play we enjoy in private, and it made sense to film each one on different days, so that my bottom would be fresh each time, and we could generate some pretty marks without having to worry about them showing up in subsequent scenes.

On Thursday, I wanted to film a hard, extended hand spanking on the bottom and thighs. No complex storyline, no elaborate plot: just Tom and I indulging our shared kink. He warmed me up thoroughly and spanked me pretty seriously for about half an hour, culminating in a very hard, fast spanking while he trapped my legs with his thigh. The whole thing was captured on film through a variety of camera angles by the talented Tricia. It was intense, and the result was pretty dramatic. Two days later, I still have bruises down each thigh.

Here are some preview screengrabs:

Even looking through the footage to grab these captures reminded me how very hot it was. I'm very much looking forward to editing this one!

This weekend's site updates are also both candid in nature. The first continues the theme of my spanking relationship with Tom.

In a video diary-style clip from a Tuesday morning last year, I explain how I've been away from home a lot on various kinky adventures, and feel like I've been spanked by everyone lately apart from the man I live with. Taking some time out of our busy lives, I ask him to set things right, and he obliges me with a hard, brisk hand spanking and five hard swats of the heavy leather paddle.

I've also released a bonus photo gallery from around the same time - in fact, I think this might be one of the spankings I mention getting in London the previous week. Penny and I had the schoolroom unexpectedly to ourselves for a couple of hours, and we decided to make the most of it. We hadn't planned a shoot and didn't have a photographer or proper camera with us, so these pictures were snapped by Penny on my camera phone. I hope you enjoy this candid record of a spontaneous, and very enjoyable, schoolroom spanking.


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