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Ghosts, slavegirls and superheroes

This week's photogallery, Amelia in the Bedroom, features Amelia Jane Rutherford as a slavegirl - or possibly a fairytale princess. See what you think:

I had a lot of fun topping Amelia in this scene, and she looked utterly beautiful, innocent in white, against the rich scarlet brocade of the four poster bed. The stunning photography is by none other than Hywel Phillips, and working with the pair of them was a real treat.

This is the third update featuring Amelia, and although I didn't plan it that way, all three scenes published so far are from the last day of shooting.

We spent three days in total working with Hywel and Amelia last August. The first day I spent modelling for their site Restrained Elegance, shooting bondage video featuring interrogations, abductions, captured lady pirates and slavegirls playing kinky chess. The next two days we were shooting for Dreams of Spanking.

The four poster bed scene, Need to Know and Through the Bedroom Door were all shot on the third and last day of filming. All these scenes were fairly short and straightforward and I was topping in two of them, so it was fairly simple from my point of view. When you're also producing/directing, topping is so much easier than bottoming all day!

The fourth scene we filmed that day was a longer video, a horror/ghost story set in a haunted bed and breakfast. This is one of the more ambitious movies I've filmed so far and I'm waiting until I'm a little more confident at post-production before attempting to edit it. It involves nightmares, a haunted wardrobe, horrible Victorian thrashings and LOTS of drama!

Amelia is the star, with Tom and I playing cameo roles. I'd written a shot-by-shot shooting script, and Hywel was a director's dream, handling the lighting and camerawork calmly and expertly.

Preview screengrab from A Ghost Story

On the middle day, the first day shooting for this site, we filmed three longer videos. They were all very different in feel.

First of all, I'd written a light-hearted action spoof called The Avenger's Return, set in the world of superhero comics. I play a wannabe superhero whose training is interrupted by the return of her mentor's ex-protegée and arch-nemesis, The Avenger. It involved silly impractical costumes (my character is attempting to learn to fight while wearing a shiny latex ballgown!), an actual sword-fight choreographed by Amelia herself, whose many talents include fight choreography for the stage (both she and Tom are experienced fencers), and one of my personal all time top fetishes, a real, actual whipping with a real, honest-to-goodness sword.

The second film explored one of my oldest fantasies, borrowed from pretty much every erotic BDSM novel I've ever read: the initiation of a new slavegirl into the use of an exclusive gentlemen's club. Tom and Hywel were, of course, the gentlemen; Amelia played their well-trained pet; and I was the nervous new girl brought in off the street.

Lots of interesting dynamics arose between the four of us, and we had ample opportunity to explore our diverse kinky tastes, from bondage to slave training, human furniture, hand punishment, nipple clamps and hot wax. Plus plenty of spanking, whipping and caning, of course! The resulting scene turned into an almost feature-length film, which I'm hoping to release as a Valentine's special in a couple of weeks.

By contrast, the last scene of the day was very silly indeed.

I had an image in my head of a submissive hogtied on a dinner table, while guests calmly ate food off her. My shoulders aren't bendy enough to stay in a hogtie for a sensible length of time, so I asked Amelia if she'd be willing. She was. Somehow or another, I ended up volunteering to have dinner eaten off me too, bent over the end of the table rather than displayed in the middle of it. Thus the concept for the strangest suburban dinner party ever was born.

I spent ages trying to work out what sort of food to serve, something that would keep while we were setting up, and be edible without being too hot on the skin. In the end our chef, who specialises in confectionery, proposed that we set the scene at the dessert stage of the evening, and offered to provide us with a selection of cakes and puddings. I was a little reluctant to use cake, not wanting to borrow from the excellent Wheatley Manor by Northern Spanking, in which Niki Flynn is put naked on the table as punishment while the others eat cake off her. But eventually I agreed that it was more practical than any of the other options. To create variety, we decided to add in some fresh fruit, with bowls of whipped cream and chocolate ganache to dip them in.

Rather than the slightly edgy public humiliation film I'd envisaged, the resulting scene was a ludicrous, ultra-camp, messy fest of bondage, spanking, and lashings and lashings of whipped cream, chocolate and butterscotch sauce. It was divinely silly, utterly delicious, and I'm not quite sure the end result matches anyone's idea of porn exactly, but it was tremendous fun to do!

Later that evening I discovered the big cock-up: throughout the whole dramatic, unrepeatable scene, the microphone was not recording.

We had a backup camera running, which had picked up some sound, but the battery for this had died halfway through the scene too. What a nightmare! So we only have sound for the first half of this, and it stops - of all places - just as the canings begin. Up to then there's some spanking and beatings with a wooden spoon, but the scenario was silly enough to start with - without sound during the "main event" of the two-girl, two-top caning, it just wasn't viable.

Well. I'd been a little unsure that I'd be able to get away with this as a proper website update anyway: the mishap just made the decision easier. And it was a useful learning curve: since then I've been extra careful with my pre-shoot checklist to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.

We recorded some jolly behind the scenes chatter with Hywel and Amelia, talking over the part without sound like the Director's Commentary on a DVD extra, and I'll release it as a gallery of screengrabs and a bonus behind-the-scenes, outtakey sort of film. In a way, it's a blessing that the cock-up didn't happen to one of the more serious, more intense CP films.

I learned an awful lot working with such experienced filmmakers as Hywel and Amelia, and the time passed all too quickly. I very much hope they'll be back to work with us again. In the meantime I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the scenes with you - the gentlemen's club and the ghost story in particular are two of my favourite films to date. I hope you like the results as much as we enjoyed making them.

Hitting Snooze

The latest film to go up is actually the first video we ever shot for Dreams of Spanking. It's called Hitting Snooze, and it's a short, punchy domestic discipline scene starring me and Tom.

This is sort of based on truth, and sort of not. Tom habitually wakes earlier than I do - I'm somewhat nocturnal by nature - and when we live together and I need to get up early, he'll often provide an alarm call. Of course, I'm perfectly capable of getting up on my own, and have managed very well while living on my own, working in offices and catching planes and things, but it's nice to be woken up by my beloved, especially if he comes bearing tea. He doesn't normally spank me out of bed - I'm far too grumpy pre-caffeine to tolerate that sort of treatment - but the threat of it has been known to be effective on occasion.

In this film, I'm meant to be starting a new job and have asked Tom to make sure I get up in time. When I persistently ignore the alarm, Tom is obliged to take me over his knee for a brisk awakening with the hairbrush.

It's a fairly simple scene - the plot is pretty straightforward and the spanking itself, realistically, would not be a long one. As the first video we ever shot, I have a soft spot for it. But I also like it because, as well as the consensual, believable, on-the-spot domestic punishment, it includes some real affection and intimacy. And how many bedroom punishments do you see where the male top is nearly nude, as well as the female spankee? I don't know how many of the ladies reading this will agree with me, but I think Tom looks rather good topless (mmmm, those shoulders), and I think it makes the scene just that bit sexier.

Hitting Snooze »

Valentine's Day special

Valentines Day special at Dreams of Spanking - coming soonValentine's Day is one week today. Some of you will be looking forward to the opportunity to surprise your lover; others might be a conscientious objector from all the commercial soppiness.

Personally, I'll be spending the day shooting spanking video for another producer, so by the time I get home in the evening I'm not sure I'll have the energy for much more than dinner and snuggles. But I want to at least make some time for D, even if we don't spend lots of money or go anywhere fancy. And I've got a very special, extra sexy photo update planned.

Valentines Day special at Dreams of Spanking - coming soon

Whether you're browsing on your own or with a partner, make sure you check out Dreams of Spanking's unique new Valentine's Day special, starring me and D more steamy, more intimate and more explicit than you've ever seen us before.

This will be my first ever appearance in a hardcore boy/girl scene online. Unique and exclusive, I'll never do scenes like this for any other website. Don't miss it.

Psychic Weapon 'C'

Our new film Psychic Weapon 'C' is one for the sci-fi and thriller fans. Those of you who wanted to see a video version of our Interrogation photoset may also enjoy it.

Officer Julia Danby is researching Psychic Weapon 'C', dubbed 'the Cuckoo', a dangerous telepath involved with one of the criminal factions she is investigating. She doesn't yet know how his powers work: specifically, that his ability to violate people's minds and rip information out of an unwilling victim depends on them being in pain. However, she's about to experience this phenomenon first hand.

Tom gives an outstanding performance as the Cuckoo, and I had great fun with Officer Danby's strong, stoic character who fights fear with laughter and holds out at long as she can. It was also lovely to be able to work with two other actors to create a more dynamic, complex scene. This is Ludwig's first appearance on the site, and I think it might also be his first time co-topping with his mate and co-blogger Kaelah in a spanking video.

Kaelah and Ludwig have written a behind-the-scenes report about the shoot. Here's what they have to say about playing a pair of ruthless criminal goons (Ludwig's comments are in bold):

If you are a geek like me, with a love for science fiction / mystery series, you probably already noticed that the scene is inspired by Fringe. I don't usually pay attention to what is on TV, but Fringe is one of the very few TV series I have ever followed. Actually, I had just recently discovered it when Pandora, Kaelah and I were exchanging brainstorming emails about what to do at our upcoming shoot together. So it was kind of funny when Pandora brought up the idea of doing a Fringe-themed clip. Do I know the series, she asked? Absolutely, and I was all excited about the prospect. Kaelah did not know Fringe, but she liked the idea of playing a goon-type character, and she had other, no less fitting associations in mind...

When Pandora told us about the storyline, the first thing that came to my mind were some pictures inspired by Men in Black. Three dark figures, appearing from nowhere, doing their job swiftly and without any mercy, before finally disappearing into the shadows as quickly as they had turned up. The only possible problem which I told Ludwig the evening before the shoot was: "Don't you think it's a bit weird that the two of us as Germans are supposed to play cruel goons who assault a British investigator?" - "We are not Germans, we are just some goons", Ludwig answered, "and this is not an idea to make fun of."

The next day, Tom came up with a suggestion: "How about you two guys speaking German? Different languages make the scene more interesting and edgy, because this way Pandora's character won't be able to understand what her captors are talking about." I laid back and waited for Ludwig to reply. And he did: "Great idea! It also looks much more like a big international conspiracy then." As you can imagine, I was mildly irritated by this reply, okay, actually I was completely stunned. Ludwig grinned and told me that he found the idea much better now, since it had been Tom's suggestion this time. With a boyfriend like that you really don't need any enemies. Joking aside, actually I think that Ludwig was really attracted by this international thing, especially because Tom as our leader was supposed to be a native speaker of English who nonetheless instructed his goons in German.

When Tom came up with his suggestion, I liked the idea that the three of us - Tom, Kaelah and me - would be communicating in German. Not only would it add to the confusion for Pandora's character, it also instantly, and in a simple yet effective way, created the notion of a menacing, international conspiracy. Here is Pandora's character, getting assaulted by three figures. The leader is obviously an Englishman, but he has two German henchmen with him. In the context of a Fringe-inspired scene, I find that a lot more interesting than three assailants with the same background.

We did some rehearsals of the scene beforehand, so that everyone would know where to stand and what to do during the actual shoot. Pandora, who had just directed my severe caning which we had filmed earlier that day, found out that it was really challenging to switch from director mode into bottom mode, especially given the edginess of the scene. She asked for a short break after a little misunderstanding between Ludwig and her, in order to get into the right mindset for the scene. When we continued, we decided that it was better to do the scene a bit less rough than we had initially planned to make sure that Pandora had a chance to get into the scene step by step. Since this was the first time for me to top anyone else than Ludwig, I probably was a bit over-cautious from that point on. I definitely didn't want to give Pandora any negative experience, so I was always a bit hesitant and only shifted up a gear when I felt that Pandora was ready for it.

Before we started, Pandora told me that she wanted the initial struggle with Kaelah and me to be "really physical". What I missed, however, was her request to merely simulate the struggle while we were practicing the scene ahead of the filming. Among all the other stuff we were talking about, that detail escaped my attention. So, during the practice run, I already handled Pandora in a rather physical way, at a time when she was not expecting it yet. I felt sorry for the misunderstanding and apologised to Pandora, but she said no hard feelings, these things can happen. The downside of it all was that, once we got around to actually filming the scene, Kaelah and I were probably a bit over-cautious. It is difficult to find exactly the right spot between being too brutal and too fake in a physical struggle, especially when playing / filming with someone for only the second or third time.

My headspace during the filming itself was ambiguous as well, in a very fascinating way. One part of me was focussed on getting everything right for the camera and making sure that Pandora was safe and feeling okay. The other part, though, very much enjoyed the freedom of being someone who obeyed orders without scruple, not bothered with any hindering emotions. I was just doing my job, swiftly and efficiently. Hey, I didn't even have a name! When we had discussed about the languages, I had already realised that I didn't have much intention to talk at all. And that's exactly how it was during the scene. The mindset of silently following orders proved to be a very peaceful one. Maybe because it was so different from my normal being (and definitely something I wouldn't want to do for real). But knowing that in reality this was Pandora's fantasy and that there was another part of me which constantly watched for her well-being, experimenting with silence and lack of emotion was indeed a very fascinating and strangely liberating experience.

I'd actually forgotten about my difficulty during the rehearsal of the opening sequence. I'd spent the morning directing and shooting a big two person scene with Kaelah and Ludwig, and this was my first scene bottoming that day. Tom was directing this scene, but I'd written the shooting script and was so closely engaged with the logistics that I was still very much in a directing headspace. During the run-through, I hadn't quite psyched myself up yet for a proper struggle and it made me spin a bit.

After that, and knowing how difficult I've found it to take CP on previous shoots where I was directing and bottoming at the same time, I wasn't quite sure how I'd react when the spanking started. We agreed to start over clothes to take the edge off - it made sense within the scene, which has no sexual overtone. In the event, by the time we got that far I was so thoroughly in character that I was able to take it without any trouble. Playing someone who is angry and determined not to show weakness always raises my pain threshold. In fact, once we got there I could have taken significantly more, but Tom and I were so focused in the interaction between our characters that neither of us gave Kaelah and Ludwig the explicit reassurance they needed to go as hard and fast as we could have.

Don't get me wrong, it was still pretty hard - Kaelah found her rhythm with the paddle and the big black cane is so heavy it doesn't need much to make an impact. To be honest, for me, the hotness of this scene comes from the psychological interaction anyway; the CP is necessary set-dressing, but not the main focus.

Here's what Tom has to say about this scene:

'Psychic Weapon C' was a very interesting scenario to shoot, because while I was definitely the top in the scene, I was not the punisher ("I have people who do that for me.") This was both a simplifying and a complicating factor, as it freed me up to concentrate on the character portrayal while also placing me at one remove from the control of power and pace that I am used to in the actual punishments.

It was quite useful to be able to streamline my attention; the character portrayal fell entirely outside the relatively simple authority figures I am called upon to deliver in most spanking scenarios. Developing, in fifteen minutes of screen time, a character who is clearly a villain, but is not a simple bad guy, and portraying a telepath without access to any post-production enhancements was enjoyably difficult. In constructing the Cuckoo I drew on several sources, both literary and cinematic, including a particularly strong performance from Quentin Tarantino in the mid-season double episode of Alias Season 1.

The key to what I wanted from the Cuckoo was the menace of the professional interrogator textured by the implication of inner demons; that he has channeled a truly overwhelming and terrifying talent into a strictly controlled form. He is, in the simplest sense, a mind-rapist, but as a person (rather than as an operative) he is cultured, courteous, and clings on tightly to his self-image as a professional even when faced with his own addiction to the pain of others.

The sense of rising menace comes across well in the final cut, enhanced by Pandora's excellent complementary performance as Officer Danby. It was thoroughly enjoyable to be able to over-master a character who was fighting every step of the way, rather than ultimately submitting a legitimate authority. It was also interesting to direct and control the punishment sequences with hand-gestures and German dialogue learned on the spot; adding the dimension of communications between the antagonists being in a language foreign to the protagonist was a challenging but rewarding technique.

The end result is emotionally intense and unusually dark, with the courageous victim ultimately losing to a dominating force who is clearly evil, but ambiguously sympathetic.

I'd never really conceived of telepathic ravishment before, but it turns out I love it. Drama, conflict, tension, psychological violence - perfect! I also really really love being caned while angry - that is, while playing a character who is angry. I maintained an angry, resisting emotional state throughout my hard prison caning with Pain4Fem, and although it didn't make it hurt any less it proved a great defence against panic. There's something exhilirating about being beaten in a state of righteous fury: almost as if every impact fuels your inner strength. And being pinned down and having my wrists bound with a ziplock tie works for me just fine.

Intimate hardcore

I'm not a fan of the commercialisation of Valentine's Day, so was reluctant to join the throngs of marketeers insisting that the primary objective of the 14th of February was to have hot romantic sex with a lover, and their product could best help you achieve this. On the other hand, the date provided an ideal opportunity to step up the steaminess on this site a notch or two.

D and I shot our first ever boy/girl sex scene, Snip Snip (bonus points to anyone who can spot the reference) a couple of years ago, with photographer Tricia Sullivan. She's an old friend, and there was little of us she hadn't seen before. Actually if you're at all nervous about shooting hardcore porn for the first time I can recommend getting a friendly ex-lover behind the camera - none of us are particularly prone to sexual embarrassment, but our familiarity with each other definitely made things easier.

We played two scenes that day, both shot at home in natural light, both very candid and unrehearsed in feel. I'd say "amateur" if Tricia's photography wasn't of such a high professional standard; D and I certainly felt like a couple doing their thing rather than models performing for the camera.

As yet, this is the only sexually explicit shoot I've been on, but Tom and I are already talking about what we want to do for our first sex and spanking film (D isn't yet comfortable appearing in video, which is why he and I have only done photosets together so far). In seven years of doing professional modelling, I've always maintained boundaries and have never shot penetrative material for any other producer, wanting to keep work at this level exclusive to my own productions. The closest I'd come (erm... as it were) was going down on Lady Sonia's strap-on on my last shoot with her.

So, as a first time for both of us fucking on camera, and a rare sort of update for this website, I felt it deserved a special occasion. And when I realised the cut-away dress had accidentally formed a heart shape around my bottom, I couldn't resist the temptation to make it my Valentine's Day update. After all, you don't need to be partnered to enjoy porn.

As producer, I'd told D I wanted a scene which included a dress being cut or ripped off me, followed by some spanking. We'd also agreed between us that we were happy for things to get intimate if the mood took us. Beyond that, I handed control over to him and followed his lead. I trusted Tricia to capture the results on camera without my direction. The happy consequence was that I was able to turn my producer brain entirely off (much easier for photos than video), and D and I were able to sink deeply into our D/S connection without distraction. 

So for me, this scene was very real, very electric, and extremely arousing. The cold steel of the scissors. My hyper-sensitive focus on each area of skin as it was revealed, turning entirely new parts of my body into erogenous zones. D's warm hands and tongue contrasted with the shivery threat of the blades, which were particularly affecting when trailed near my nipples and neck.

Feeling the scissors cutting the fabric around my bottom to expose just that area was particularly hot. 

Hands bound above my head, the glass coffee table was not the most comfortable thing to lie on, but I felt pleasantly exposed and helpless. I remember finding the caning more difficult than I'd expected, and only later, when I saw the photos, realised that it had actually been quite hard. 

At the time, it felt like we had indulged ourselves far more than is appropriate on a professional shoot, and I wasn't convinced that the resulting images would be publishable. I was pretty sure that the more sexual shots would be unflattering. But I'd had so much fun that I didn't care too much, and was happy to treat it as a learning curve.

So it was a delightful shock the first time I saw the pictures and realised the extent of Tricia's talents. I had no idea that it was possible for me to look good while fucking, especially when not thinking particularly about what I looked like. In fact, that unself-conscious honesty is my favourite thing about this photoset. Yes, I look into the lens from time to time; but the hottest images, for me, are the ones where D and I are drinking each other in, gazes locked, kissing or laughing or fucking or all three.

The scissors, the tease of exposed skin and the cane welts are all hot, but for me the most strongly evocative imagery is the pink flush on my neck and chest while I'm sucking D's cock; the one my lovers can use to guage when I'm approaching orgasm.

I'm not planning to steer Dreams of Spanking entirely in a sexually explicit direction: this sort of scene will be an occasional treat. I will only ever shoot hardcore scenes with real couples, because I find that genuine intimacy, affection and spark of sexual chemistry absolutely essential to enjoy fucking in porn. I also only really like hardcore scenes that include spanking as foreplay, so that makes it easy to put CP at the centre of any explicit scenes we shoot in future.

I'm excited and nervous to share so much online for the first time. But proud, too: there's nothing artificial about this. When D and I play, this is what it looks like. This is us at our most honest. 

Interview with Thomas Cameron

Spanking blogger Tim the Tum, who wrote a very positive review of Dreams of Spanking last month, has just published something rather more unusual - an interview with a male top spanking performer. Specifically, with our very own Thomas Cameron.

I've been a huge admirer of Tom's work for years, and am very pleased to see him garnering more widespread attention. The interview questions are well chosen and the answers are predictably interesting. I particularly enjoyed reading what Tom likes about spanking photo galleries as opposed to video, and his fascinating insights into the psychology and craft of topping, both on screen and in private.

1. I've come across a couple of your Northern Spanking shoots now, so you've obviously been around the scene for some years. I have to ask the obvious question first; when and how did you first get into spanking?

I became aware of my interest in it through a combination of literature, and growing up in a place where corporal punishment was still normal. I was raised as an Evangelical Christian, so once I became consciously aware that it was a sexual fetish of mine, I spent a number of years suppressing the drive as a perversion. Once I left that religion, I started to practice what I had always felt as 'normal' for me, both with kink and with polyamory.

2. A bit personal this one, but have you only ever topped? I did for years before recently getting interesting in switching, but I do wonder if one becomes a better top for having experienced the other side. What do you think?

It's certainly a persuasive argument. I am a Top, pretty much to the core; control is a basic identity function for me, and being deprived of it would seriously erode my sanity. I also have a couple of experiences in my early life which lead to what can only be described as berserk responses if anyone tries to restrain me, so switching is not really possible for me to try safely.

Read the rest of the interview here »

Candid spankings

I had a brilliant time at our launch party on Thursday, a small pub gathering of performers and crew in London. It was lovely to reunite people who hadn't seen each other since they last worked together, and to bask in the truly excellent company. I've been lucky to work with some amazing people so far, and hope to add some exciting new names to the team this year.

I also attended my own launch party with a sore bottom, which felt entirely appropriate. Taking advantage of having Tricia and Thomas in town, I got them together for a mini-shoot before the party to film a single scene. Tom and I had been planning a couple of bedroom videos expressing the more extended play we enjoy in private, and it made sense to film each one on different days, so that my bottom would be fresh each time, and we could generate some pretty marks without having to worry about them showing up in subsequent scenes.

On Thursday, I wanted to film a hard, extended hand spanking on the bottom and thighs. No complex storyline, no elaborate plot: just Tom and I indulging our shared kink. He warmed me up thoroughly and spanked me pretty seriously for about half an hour, culminating in a very hard, fast spanking while he trapped my legs with his thigh. The whole thing was captured on film through a variety of camera angles by the talented Tricia. It was intense, and the result was pretty dramatic. Two days later, I still have bruises down each thigh.

Here are some preview screengrabs:

Even looking through the footage to grab these captures reminded me how very hot it was. I'm very much looking forward to editing this one!

This weekend's site updates are also both candid in nature. The first continues the theme of my spanking relationship with Tom.

In a video diary-style clip from a Tuesday morning last year, I explain how I've been away from home a lot on various kinky adventures, and feel like I've been spanked by everyone lately apart from the man I live with. Taking some time out of our busy lives, I ask him to set things right, and he obliges me with a hard, brisk hand spanking and five hard swats of the heavy leather paddle.

I've also released a bonus photo gallery from around the same time - in fact, I think this might be one of the spankings I mention getting in London the previous week. Penny and I had the schoolroom unexpectedly to ourselves for a couple of hours, and we decided to make the most of it. We hadn't planned a shoot and didn't have a photographer or proper camera with us, so these pictures were snapped by Penny on my camera phone. I hope you enjoy this candid record of a spontaneous, and very enjoyable, schoolroom spanking.

F/F shoot with Zoe Montana

I've just come back from a day shooting with the lovely Zoe Montana. She was on one of the first Dreams of Spanking shoots back in 2009, before she left the UK for her native Australia. We've kept in touch since then, and met up once on a brief visit back in London. Now, she's currently back in the UK for a few weeks. I knew she had a lot of different things planned while she was here, but to my delight we're managing to see loads of each other - including shooting some new spanking scenes for the site.

It was a low-key, informal shoot with a couple of friends, John and Isabella, who both kindly agreed to step in as camera operators, despite not having been on a spanking video shoot before. I carried my camera, lights, tripod and other equipment by hand on the train, and during the shoot I handled all the technical setup myself. A year ago this would have stressed me out, but I've come a long way since then. It was lovely to feel so beautifully portable and self-sufficient, with enough production experience to know what I was doing.

I decided to keep the scenes relatively simple, focussing on the connection between Zoe and I and freeing up energy to concentrate on our mutual love of hard CP. In the first two scenes we play a domme/sub couple who are going out to a play party. It's the first time Zoe's taken her new sub out in public. They get ready together, with Zoe choosing lingerie, jewellery and accessories for her submissive, including nipple clamps to wear under her dress. With the addition of some vivid cane stripes, the outfit is complete.

In the second film, the two ladies return home from the party and share their memories of the evening as they indulge in an erotic bedroom scene. Things get hot and steamy, with lots of teasing, sensual touch, playing with the nipple clamps and, of course, spanking! I experienced Zoe's hand, some painful strokes with the riding crop, and finally an intense and very sexy caning.

In the third scene we played two housemates who have very different attitudes to environmental issues. Zoe has asked Pandora again and again to remember to separate the recycling and compostables from landfill. Eventually, she is obliged to resort to a spanking to remind Pandora of the importance of looking after our planet.

Zoe's character was meant to be in the right, but she also played her earth mother character for laughs, producing a perfect parody of a dippy hippy. We had to cut a few times to cover our giggles, and I think the result should be rather entertaining. The punishment was pretty serious though - a hard, extended over the knee spanking with hand and wooden paddle.

Here are some behind the scenes photos:

We're shooting with Zoe again next week, to film some more F/F and F/M scenes with Adele Haze and Jimmy Holloway at a very special venue. I'm so very glad to have the chance for not one, but two spanking shoots with Zoe while she's here this time!

Crying while topping

The last scene from Jimmy Holloway's first ever spanking shoot has just gone up: Punishment by Proxy. It's a squirmy, awful little scene which we had a LOT of fun making.

Neither of us had really spanked someone before, so having to spank each other was a punishment in itself. We both felt self-conscious and embarrassed. If we'd actually been hurting each other in a way the other didn't want we'd have been appalled, so it didn't take much acting to exaggerate our innate sense of empathy and horror of doing harm.

The juiciest, horriblest bit of this edgy scene, for me, was the way that both of us tried to be ever so brave during our spankings, to try and protect each other. So in each spanking it was the spanker that was suffering most visibly, while the spankee hid their face and tried to be as stoic as possible. Crying while topping: may in fact be my new favourite kink.

Fun facts:

1. This film wins the prize for the highest number of categories so far - F/F, F/M and M/F!

2. The pad with the bristles on actually flew out of the Mason & Pearson brush while Zoe was spanking me - twice. The first time is captured in the out takes at the end of the movie, and the second time it happened we kept rolling and went with it. Although I'd have quite liked to do this scene with a wooden hairbrush, I didn't think it was fair to inflict that on Jimmy on his first shoot; and given his hip problems, we were better off not trying. I can assure you that the Mason & Pearson can pack a real wallop, and has made me struggle over Tom's lap on many occasions.

The other reason this film is special to me is the behind the scenes video. At the end of the day, since we had a little time left, Zoe asked Jimmy if he'd like another six with the cane to round things off. He seemed keen on the idea, if somewhat nervous. She didn't go light on him, either, and he took them very well indeed. The whole little scene was entirely unplanned and unscripted, and it was lovely to watch Zoe and Jimmy just enjoying the chance to play a little more while they had the chance.

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