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Happy birthday Dreams of Spanking!

Merry Christmas! I've had a lovely few days off with D and our families, although I didn't finish work until Christmas Eve due to the fact that (somewhat foolishly) I'd decided to shoot on location on the 21st with my male stars of 2012; Sebastian Hawley, Michael Darling and Thomas Cameron. Well, perhaps it wasn't so foolish, as we filmed some amazing material which I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out for a preview photo post coming soon.

Michael Darling has been making a splash across the spanking scene lately with a guest blog for the Cherry Red Report. Cherry Red Dave has always impressed me with his egalitarian approach to spanking and appreciation of boys' spankable bums, and it's lovely to see a male spankee get a little airtime in the wider blogosphere.

Michael talks about male bottoming, intimacy and control and lots more:

The ageplay shoot was absolutely my favourite, though, for so many reasons. I got a big reaction from the cast and crew when I came on in my giant pink footed sleeper. I was a giant, cute ball of pink fuzz!

The sleeper was/is my own. I bought it for an Edwardian/Victorian-themed party where myself and two others decided to go as the Darling children from Peter Pan. I was, of course, Michael Darling, although I wouldn’t adopt that as my stage name until a little later.

The chance to do something that played around with ideas of manhood vs boyhood and how each presents really appealed to me. Plus, there was the shaving sequence, which the crew were really excited about as it was unlike anything they’d shot before. We shot the whole thing in a lovely space that had a gorgeous bathroom and the bathroom pictures from that shoot are some of my favourites.


They really speak to a number of the things I really like about ageplay as a whole: the mix of intimacy and control. When you see Dana run me a bath, lower me down and start to lather me up and shave me, there’s an incredible care and intimacy there, but also a really obvious power dynamic.

She is in control, absolutely, but I am choosing to let her, to let her be the ‘parent’ there. I think the narrative is really interesting too, as I’m this bratty husband who kind of needs the punishment of being regressed and punished, but also that I’m being bratty because I’m crying out and yearning for that intimacy.

There’s a lot going on underneath all of the dynamics in that scene. I really hope others can see the same mix of sexiness and intimacy that I see when I look back on that particular shoot. 

Read the full interview here »

It's wonderful to see a male spankee/switch like Michael given a platform to speak so articulately about his fantasies and experience, and the article is well worth a read. I have a suspicion it won't be long before other UK spanking studios get in on the action and start hiring attractive young male performers. I have a growing list of new male talent I'm hoping to work with in 2013, and I'd love to see more hot male performers in spanking videos in general.

After the shoot I invited performers and crew from this year round to my new place for a little seasonal gathering/first birthday party. Mulled wine, mince pies and lots and lots of chatter about spanking! It was lovely to be able to host a get together in my new flat, and looking around at the fantastic crowd who were able to make it I felt nothing but gratitude for the amazing people I've been lucky enough to work with this year. 

So happy birthday to Dreams of Spanking! It's been an amazing first year, with too many highlights to list, and the site is still growing at a steady rate - certainly enough that I can afford to keep shooting, so that's alright. Here's to lots more spanking and ethical porn in 2013!

Meanwhile there have been a couple new site updates over the festive season:

School Skirt

Wearing gym knickers, kneesocks, a white shirt, school tie and jumper and the tightest grey skirt she can possibly squeeze into, Pandora bends over and presents her big round bottom for punishment.

This photoset was a member's request gallery, harking back to the days when a school girl might have really bent over for a dose of the tawse or slipper over her tight school skirt.

I love wearing school uniform. The ties, the kneesocks, the crisp white shirts - as an adult playing dress-up the whole ensemble is joyful in a way it never was when I had no choice about it! I have a particular fondness for the combination of very tight school skirts with baggy red jumpers. Innocent and sexy all at once, it captures some of the contradictory excitement of that complex age on the cusp of adulthood. Now I'm grown up and can do what I like, being a schoolgirl is miles more fun than it was at the time.

I wear that same school uniform (minus the thick red gym knickers - I thought I'd feel the slipper a bit more through thin white cottons) in the accompanying video, which also happens to be the first scene from our last shoot of 2012. It went up on Christmas Eve, and yes, I may have been sitting and tapping away at my laptop in front of 'Ratatouille' with the family that evening in order to get it posted in time! At least D's sister kept me well supplied with red wine ... and no-one peeked at my computer screen.

Schoolgirl Slippering

Pandora's bright but rebellious little sister Cassie is in trouble - again. After being caught running a booze racket for the younger students she's told that unless she wishes to be expelled, she will face an old fashioned but effective punishment which stopped being used some years ago: the slipper.

Hope you're all having a very happy holidays! Thank you for all your support this year, I've had so much fun with this website and it's been absolutely amazing to chat to you all and meet so many likeminded folks who share my tastes. I've got another photoset and video coming up before new years eve but I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog. Hope you have a fab night, whatever you're up to, and I'll see you in 2013!


Many Happy Returns!

Pandora - congratulations on running a brilliant website during 2012! Dreams of Spanking had some fantastic videos this year - my personal top 3 were:
1 - Adornment
2 - Filthy
3 - Prove your love
Looking forward to more of the same in 2013.
Happy New Year!

Thankyou John! I thoroughly intend to make some more erotic D/S girl girl scenes, and more playful M/F switch scenes, in 2013. Thanks for letting me know your favourites and for all your support this year. Happy new year to you my dear!

Congratulations on one great year of Dreams Of Spanking, Pandora! Here's to the next one!

Did I get that right and did you shoot new M/M scenes on the 21st? I'm looking forward to the preview pictures!

A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2013 be a good one! :-)

I did indeed! M/M switch scenes with Michael and Sebastian, one with Tom topping Michael, and an M/MM storyline with Tom topping both of them... ooohhhh yes. I enjoyed watching THAT play out. :D

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