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Spanking news roundup

There's been lots happening on the spanking blogs this last week, including several posts relevant to Dreams of Spanking, so I thought I'd bring you the highlights.


Nimue's World

Nimue Allen has been writing about her experiences of shooting for us lately. Here's what she has to say about filming "The Evil Babysitter" with Sebastian Hawley:

This one was SO MUCH FUN to shoot. It’s not often that as a young, female top I get to be creepy and inappropriate, usually older male tops get cast in those sort of roles. Sebastian played the sulky teen beautifully, and we had a lot of laughs during cuts at just how creepy and inappropriate the dialogue we were coming up with was. But in the end, it’s fairly ambiguous as to who was actually manipulating who!

I love getting the chance to work with Dreams of Spanking. Pandora puts a lot of thought into the scenes she scripts and the people she puts together for them. She also has several gorgeous male spankees, as well as the usual lovely ladies, and is putting a lot of focus into unusual power dynamics and switching scenes as well, which is wonderful for a dominant(ish) masochist like me to see!

Yay, thankyou Nimue! Nimue has been absolutely invaluable to me behind the camera on our last few shoots, and I'm looking forward to future shoots with her. You should also check out her own kinky porn site, Nimue's World, which is crammed full of sexy escapades between Nimue and her lovers and play partners, including spanking, BDSM, bondage, power play and exhibitionism.


Red Rump

Red Rump, the talented character artist specialising in smoking hot domestic F/M, was very gracious about my using his artwork as the inspiration for a spanking video. In fact, he was so chuffed he created a followup piece as a thankyou - and it's a bit more graphic than the original!

THANK YOU, Pandora! It's always gratifying for one artist to know that they have offered some inspiration to another. (and to see them wield a paddle in stripey socks...)

Thank YOU, Red Rump! I hope our video makes more people aware of your excellent art. If you haven't checked out Red Rump's blog, do - the quality is outstanding, and it's a must see for any fans of vintage and domestic F/M.


My Bottom Smarts

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts recently ran a spanko brunch very relevant to the theme of this site. She asked, "Do you have dreams about spanking? If so, how different are they from than your real life experiences?" People's answers varied, and you can check out the brunch participants responses here. If this topic interests you, feel free to answer Bonnie's question yourself in the comments.


Journey to the Darkside

Padme, a Canadian blogger who writes about her dominant/submissive TPE relationship at Journey to the Darkside, recently posted on twitter about wanting recommendations for spanking videos to watch. I directed her to this site, and decided to offer her a review pass. This site is primarily built with kinky women like me in mind, and I was very interested to see what Padme would think.

As it turned out, she loved it. She praised the quality of the productions, genuine chemistry and passion between the players, and she appreciated good looking male spankers Thomas Cameron and Jerry Diamond. Padme picked out the D/S elements and domestic belt whippings as aspects of scenes she particularly enjoyed, and described how watching the videos with her Master inspired a hot play date.

I was really chuffed at her response - it's lovely to hear that likeminded ladies in spanking relationships are looking for the same sorts of things as me in spanking videos. You can read her full review here.


Spanking Spot Spanking Awards

December is awards season, when spanking bloggers let their readers vote for their favourite sites this year. Of course these "awards" are entirely unofficial and just a bit of fun. The biggest is run by an American blog and tends to focus on US sites and performers - I've enjoyed voting over the last few years but pretty much accepted that as a UK name I'd never be nominated. (It's also an /F spanking blog, and doesn't feature anything to do with men getting spanked.) So I was delighted to see Dreams of Spanking in the running for Most Improved Spanking Site.

A year ago today this site was still in its pre-launch phase and didn't have a member's area! There isn't an award for Best New Site or Best Site - the idea is to honour the producers who have invested the most effort in their project over the last twelve months. There are some great sites in the running, including Spanking Sorority Girls, another new site. It's amazing to be nominated, especially since so many of the people nominating the site were women.

If you want to support our unique flavour of female-friendly spanking porn, focussed on stories and enthusiastic consent, please click this link to vote in the poll! (And if you let me know you voted, you'll earn my gratitude as well.)

Voting is also open for 2012 Spanking Blog (Creative), New Spankee and Best Facial Expression During a Spanking, and voting for more awards will open soon.


Best of British Spanking Awards

In response to the US emphasis of the Spanking Spot Awards, Sarah Bright has started her own awards, the Best of British. Voting is very simple - there's no nomination and poll system, just a single post where each comment is counted as one vote. I love Sarah for opening her poll to all of UK spanking, including spanked men. It would be great to see some of our talented male performers such as Michael Darling, Sebastian Hawley and Jimmy Holloway in the running, as there are so few websites dedicated to celebrating the male spankee.

All the UK producers I know are genuine enthusiasts dedicated to bringing their own vision and fantasies to life on camera, so they are all deserving candidates for the Brit Awards. Voting is dead easy: just click this link and leave a comment naming your preferences for the categories that interest you.

Kinky Sites

In non-blog news, finally, D and I have finally put up a page up for our web design and web development services. Dreams of Spanking has occupied a lot of our attention this year but now that the content management system has a year's experience handling adult e-commerce, we wondered if it would be useful to anyone else. With D's expertise developing web applications and my eye for design, we can build you a powerful, beautiful website. If you've got a kinky project that needs a web presence, get in touch.

Asking for a spanking

In our latest spanking video Asking For It I want a spanking - as usual! But I have a plan to get what I want. I dress up in my new school skirt and interrupt Nimue's reading with a cane and a hopeful smile. My ploy works: Nimue is happy to give me a good long spanking with her hand, ready for the caning I crave.

Nimue and I had great fun shooting this true-to-life scene and there was lots of laughter and playfulness during the spanking. I love the way Nimue warms my bottom up with her hand, and the caning was delicious too.

There's also a new photostory, Over the Boss' Knee. "Four more careless, simple errors, Miss Blake. This isn't good enough! I know you can do better - and this is the third time this week. One might almost suspect you were doing it deliberately..."

There's something very sexy and intimate about the idea of being paddled over your boss's knee, rather than bent over the desk. Especially if you fancy your boss as much as I fancy Tom!

At Cutie Spankee, it's Punishment Day. "I passed up friends' invitation because I have to get punished at home."

Ten's wet strapping

I'm really excited about our latest spanking film starring Ten Amorette, 'Filthy Girl'. Excited is a bit of a euphemism there - before I sat down and edited it properly the raw footage of this scene was my night-time watching of choice, put it that way!

You can read about the story behind this scene here and here.

Ten and I have great chemistry, and had previously indulged our mutual attraction in a sizzlingly explicit video for her clips store entitled Pandora's Little Spank Slut:

On our recent Dreams of Spanking shoot I wanted to continue the themes of erotic punishment and lesbian dominance and submission. I decided to combine these ideas with a viewer request for a wet shower strapping.

Here's the free video trailer:


Filthy Girl

On a dirty lesbian weekend, I give my lover Ten a rude awakening, dragging her out of bed and shoving her under the shower. I've decided she's a filthy slut who needs cleaning up! I soap Ten's perfectly curved body and spank her round bottom until it's red and glowing.

The water turns Ten's satin nightie and white cotton knickers clinging and see through, and Ten quickly learns that being strapped with heavy wet leather stings so much more. But those aren't the only things getting wet in this steamy girl-girl spanking scene that includes breast slapping, hair pulling, teasing Ten's nipples with the wet leather, and much more...

As well as the obvious sex appeal of Ten being wet, slippery and spanked, there's something really erotic about watching the wet leather strap smack against wet skin. The flying water droplets make the impact that much more dramatic.

Click on the images to view full size HD screengrabs.

On a geekier note, I'm really happy with how well my camera captured this scene. The water running down Ten's curves and the spray created by each stroke came out a lot more clearly than I've expected. To show it off to best effect I've upped the video quality of the MP4 download of this scene to a bitrate of over 3000kbps.

For the first time, I've also published full resolution HD screengrabs rather than resizing them for web, so you can see every detail in crisp definition at 1920x1080 pixels. I had a little difficulty choosing screengrabs for this film, there were just so many amazing visuals, so the image gallery contains 90 hand-picked sreen captures. A little excessive for a 16 minute video perhaps, but if you click on the above samples and take a look, you'll see why I was spoiled for choice!

Members can also view the behind the scenes video accompanying this film, which includes a certain amount of footage of Ten and I splashing each other in the shower and giggling. Why yes, we do enjoy our work, why do you ask ;)

Coming soon: Severe caning

A teaser for our upcoming spanking film.

If you like severe, full force cold canings taken voluntarily by brave, strong women, you'll like this.

The Final Test

At the weekend our first severe caning film was released.  We've had hard canings before, of course - Caning Merit Badge and Caned in Jodhpurs spring to mind - but "severe caning" is pretty much a genre in itself, usually referring to judicial strength cold canings of 30, 40, 50 strokes or more. It seems to be particularly common amongst the Eastern European producers such as Lupus (whom Adele Haze has worked with), Mood Pictures and  Pain4fem (which is the studio with whom I filmed my only judicial level caning to date).

It's a controversial genre, with a lot of anxiety and misinformation about both the consent of the spankees and the wisdom and health concerns of this level of physical severity. Most professional spanking performers only indulge in this sort of scene occasionally, due to the healing time required afterwards, and the fact that very few people have the desire to play at this level frequently - for most of us it's an occasional adventure, not a regular thing.

German spanking bloggers Ludwig and Kaelah have more direct experience with the severe caning genre than most. Ludwig has topped for both Lupus and Mood, and is well known for his detailed shoot reports, dispelling the myths and horror stories with his matter of fact honesty about the realities of production. Ludwig's partner Kaelah does not share his kink for this level of severity, but nonetheless she was deeply curious about the experience. She decided to confront her fears and undergo such a caning herself, so that she could have an informed opinion about what it was like for the performers she had seen in other films.

The pair had previously shot a homemade film of Kaelah taking a severe 50 stroke caning, but Kaelah was not entirely satisfied with the results. She wanted to revisit the theme with a professional producer, to create a film she could be truly proud of.

Click to view trailer for The%20Final%20Test

Together they conceived the idea of a martial arts student ready to progress to the next level of her training, about to go on a life-changing journey to study with new, stricter teachers. She chooses to participate in a final inurement practice to prove to herself and others that she has the strength of character to endure such rigorous training. This test is not mandatory; rather she volunteers to undertake it, for her own reasons.

Kaelah and I both love the concept of severe corporal punishment undertaken consensually, with honour and self-discipline. As an experienced tai chi practitioner Kaelah was able to bring her physical skill and grace to the screen with a breathtaking performance that underpins her courage and self-control during the caning itself.

The resulting film, The Final Test, is strongly performer-driven. Two behind the scenes documentaries supplement the main feature, and both Kaelah and Ludwig have written in-depth blogposts about the experience of creating the film in their own words. Kaelah wrote, "I have seldom been as happy with a scene as I was and am with this one." You can read more about Kaelah's decision to embark upon this journey in her blog posts Healthy Severity, The Final Test: Preparations and The Final Test: Shoot Report.

The Final Test is focussed on the rite of passage of Kaelah's character, and the way she draws on her training and inner strength to endure the experience. Fifty full force cane strokes delivered straight from cold are not for the faint-hearted. But as you will see, Kaelah is anything but.

Kaelah displaying her marks after shooting severe caning film The Final Test for Dreams of SpankingPhysically, it's the most severe scene to be published on this site to date. This photo was taken a few hours after the shoot, by which point the deep bruising is already visible. The welts are dramatic and beautiful, a must-see for marks fetishists, but perhaps beyond the comfort zone of many spanking enthusiasts.

This physical severity is why the consensual storyline, the emphasis on Kaelah's strength of will, and the behind the scenes material in which she explains her motivation for doing the shoot are all so important to me.

The Final Test achieves a lot of the goals I had in mind when creating Dreams of Spanking, and I am very proud of it. The things I love about this film are many, but here are just some of them:

  • The severity. This is actually the level of corporal punishment I fantasise about most of them time, although it's not practical to indulge in real life very often. Despite the asexual nature of the scene, and my cerebral focus on the technicalities of editing, I found myself physically aroused at the end of each working day while I was working on this film. Hey, I guess I must have some sort of corporal punishment fetish.
  • The strength of will shown by Kaelah's character. She's not submissive; she's totally in control of herself and of her situation throughout the film. It's inspiring for those of us who aren't straightforwardly submissive but still enjoy hard corporal punishment.

  • The focus on the performer's desires and motivations. Ludwig and Kaelah were closely engaged at every stage of the process. They wrote the storyline, which draws on Kaelah's tai chi skills in a highly personal, non-verbal and intimate way. The production as a whole is about Kaelah's emotional journey - both her character's rite of passage, and, in a way, her own in realising her ambition to have positive memories of shooting a consensual severe scene. The behind the scenes documentaries describe her motivations, reactions, thoughts and feelings throughout. I would love to see other severe producers picking up on this and releasing similar behind the scenes material with their films - when creating edgy, extreme or uncomfortable porn there are few better ways of facilitating transparency and trust.
  • Speaking of Kaelah's motivations, I found them complex and interesting. Her reasons for acting out this scene herself were not sexual; the shoot wasn't an erotic experience for her. Her vision for the film was informed by what she finds erotic to watch (ie. consensual scenarios, restrained reactions) but in bringing this idea to life her motivations were creative, not hedonistic. The sensations, extreme as they were, were simply a means to an end. I can identify with this to some extent, and I think it makes her perspective really unusual; her joy and satisfaction in this scene are not those of a thrill-seeker, but someone enduring physical suffering for the sake of long-term emotional gratification. Rather like her character!

  • Kaelah and Ludwig are both very much on the same page as me when it comes to transparency in ethical porn. They favour informed, enthusiastic consent and scenes in which the performers are expressing something true and heartfelt about themselves. They are thoughtful and articulate in their advocacy of these ideas, and the accompanying behind the scenes documentaries really benefit from their ability to express themselves clearly (in a second language, no less!). As you will see, the couple took a lot of care to construct the scene so as to create the genuinely severe film they wanted, without compromising Kaelah's emotional wellbeing or causing needless physical damage.
  • Finally, I am entranced by the beauty, grace and skill Kaelah shows in her tai chi sequences. She moves with the fluency and control that comes from years of experience. It's a joy to watch. (It's also very sexy - physical skill and grace both being extremely attractive!) Compare her movements and breathing during the tai chi katas with the way she uses her breath during the caning, using her exhales to ride the pain and retain absolute self-control throughout. The result is an awe-inspiring demonstration of physical discipline and inner strength.

I was a bit nervous about including the meditative tai chi cutaways during the caning scene, but I felt the caning was somehow too plain without it. I wanted to find a way to raise it to another level. It was a bit of a risk to interpolate martial arts shots into a corporal punishment scene, but I think it paid off. One reviewer has already said he appreciated the breaks from the intensely harsh caning. Personally, I find the tai chi sequences make the caning more intense by calling attention to the level of meditative focus required to endure it, and by creating a greater emotional engagement and empathy with Kaelah's character. They also provide a concentration break which renews your appreciation for the severity, the change of scene preventing you from getting used to the force of the strokes. 

The Final Test is released with two behind the scenes documentaries. In Part 1, 'Preparations', Kaelah discusses her motivations for embarking on her second severe 50 stroke caning film (her first with a professional producer). She and Ludwig talk about their thoughts and feelings prior to the shoot, where their idea for the storyline came from, and what they hope to achieve by creating this film. The couple also describe the medical precautions they are taking prior to the caning, and share their decision-making processes regarding the table, cane and position selected for the whipping. Kaelah and Tom practice some tai chi katas prior to the shooting of Kaelah's solo fan sequence. 

In Part 2, 'Making Of', Kaelah and Ludwig talk about their feelings immediately before filming commences, and we share intimate out-takes and behind the scenes footage from the severe caning sequence itself. Kaelah controls the pace of the scene and takes the pauses she needs, and even laughs and jokes between shots. Afterwards, Kaelah and Ludwig give a final interview describing their immediate reactions to the scene. Part 2 ends with out-takes from Kaelah's solo tai chi katas, and a closer look at the sword form. 

It was an honour to be chosen to make Kaelah and Ludwig's dream a reality. The Final Test has already been reviewed by The Blog of Fred and Nimue Allen. I'm thrilled with the finished film and by the positive reception so far. Here's to more fairtrade severe caning films!

Happy birthday Dreams of Spanking!

Merry Christmas! I've had a lovely few days off with D and our families, although I didn't finish work until Christmas Eve due to the fact that (somewhat foolishly) I'd decided to shoot on location on the 21st with my male stars of 2012; Sebastian Hawley, Michael Darling and Thomas Cameron. Well, perhaps it wasn't so foolish, as we filmed some amazing material which I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out for a preview photo post coming soon.

Michael Darling has been making a splash across the spanking scene lately with a guest blog for the Cherry Red Report. Cherry Red Dave has always impressed me with his egalitarian approach to spanking and appreciation of boys' spankable bums, and it's lovely to see a male spankee get a little airtime in the wider blogosphere.

Michael talks about male bottoming, intimacy and control and lots more:

The ageplay shoot was absolutely my favourite, though, for so many reasons. I got a big reaction from the cast and crew when I came on in my giant pink footed sleeper. I was a giant, cute ball of pink fuzz!

The sleeper was/is my own. I bought it for an Edwardian/Victorian-themed party where myself and two others decided to go as the Darling children from Peter Pan. I was, of course, Michael Darling, although I wouldn’t adopt that as my stage name until a little later.

The chance to do something that played around with ideas of manhood vs boyhood and how each presents really appealed to me. Plus, there was the shaving sequence, which the crew were really excited about as it was unlike anything they’d shot before. We shot the whole thing in a lovely space that had a gorgeous bathroom and the bathroom pictures from that shoot are some of my favourites.


They really speak to a number of the things I really like about ageplay as a whole: the mix of intimacy and control. When you see Dana run me a bath, lower me down and start to lather me up and shave me, there’s an incredible care and intimacy there, but also a really obvious power dynamic.

She is in control, absolutely, but I am choosing to let her, to let her be the ‘parent’ there. I think the narrative is really interesting too, as I’m this bratty husband who kind of needs the punishment of being regressed and punished, but also that I’m being bratty because I’m crying out and yearning for that intimacy.

There’s a lot going on underneath all of the dynamics in that scene. I really hope others can see the same mix of sexiness and intimacy that I see when I look back on that particular shoot. 

Read the full interview here »

It's wonderful to see a male spankee/switch like Michael given a platform to speak so articulately about his fantasies and experience, and the article is well worth a read. I have a suspicion it won't be long before other UK spanking studios get in on the action and start hiring attractive young male performers. I have a growing list of new male talent I'm hoping to work with in 2013, and I'd love to see more hot male performers in spanking videos in general.

After the shoot I invited performers and crew from this year round to my new place for a little seasonal gathering/first birthday party. Mulled wine, mince pies and lots and lots of chatter about spanking! It was lovely to be able to host a get together in my new flat, and looking around at the fantastic crowd who were able to make it I felt nothing but gratitude for the amazing people I've been lucky enough to work with this year. 

So happy birthday to Dreams of Spanking! It's been an amazing first year, with too many highlights to list, and the site is still growing at a steady rate - certainly enough that I can afford to keep shooting, so that's alright. Here's to lots more spanking and ethical porn in 2013!

Meanwhile there have been a couple new site updates over the festive season:

School Skirt

Wearing gym knickers, kneesocks, a white shirt, school tie and jumper and the tightest grey skirt she can possibly squeeze into, Pandora bends over and presents her big round bottom for punishment.

This photoset was a member's request gallery, harking back to the days when a school girl might have really bent over for a dose of the tawse or slipper over her tight school skirt.

I love wearing school uniform. The ties, the kneesocks, the crisp white shirts - as an adult playing dress-up the whole ensemble is joyful in a way it never was when I had no choice about it! I have a particular fondness for the combination of very tight school skirts with baggy red jumpers. Innocent and sexy all at once, it captures some of the contradictory excitement of that complex age on the cusp of adulthood. Now I'm grown up and can do what I like, being a schoolgirl is miles more fun than it was at the time.

I wear that same school uniform (minus the thick red gym knickers - I thought I'd feel the slipper a bit more through thin white cottons) in the accompanying video, which also happens to be the first scene from our last shoot of 2012. It went up on Christmas Eve, and yes, I may have been sitting and tapping away at my laptop in front of 'Ratatouille' with the family that evening in order to get it posted in time! At least D's sister kept me well supplied with red wine ... and no-one peeked at my computer screen.

Schoolgirl Slippering

Pandora's bright but rebellious little sister Cassie is in trouble - again. After being caught running a booze racket for the younger students she's told that unless she wishes to be expelled, she will face an old fashioned but effective punishment which stopped being used some years ago: the slipper.

Hope you're all having a very happy holidays! Thank you for all your support this year, I've had so much fun with this website and it's been absolutely amazing to chat to you all and meet so many likeminded folks who share my tastes. I've got another photoset and video coming up before new years eve but I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog. Hope you have a fab night, whatever you're up to, and I'll see you in 2013!

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