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Two day shoot with Ten and Michael

I'm just recovering from an epic two day shoot with some of my favourite performers. The flat is tidied and more or less back to normal. Memory cards are backed up and files are transferring. The rest of today is drinking tea and video editing, as I want to get one of Wednesday's scenes ready to publish this weekend.

American spanking star Ten Amorette arrived in London Tuesday night on the last stop of a whirlwind UK trip, after spending two days shooting with two other favourite woman-led spanking sites, Spanking Sarah and Northern Spanking. Sarah has already blogged some previews of her shoot with Ten - looks like they worked hard and had a lot of fun!

I met Ten for the first time in at the Texas All State Spanking Party and we struck up an instant rapport. I shot for her clips store Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse, and by mutual agreement the shoot included one of the most sexually explicit spanking videos either of us has ever done. It turns out that we have great chemistry.

We met again recently at the World Spanking Party in Spain, where we shared a group scene with Tom and Jerry Diamond (yeah, yeah, Tom and Jerry... we got a fair bit of mileage out of that one). Here we are in Spain after some extended two-on-two caning:

Nimue, who would be my camerawoman for both days, was the first to arrive at my place on Tuesday night. I picked up Ten from the station, and the three of us drank wine and talked shop as she recovered from a long couple of days shooting and travelling. Then it was up early the next morning to try and squeeze in all the scenes we had planned before she left for her flight home at 2pm. Tom joined us at midday to top in the last two scenes. It was an intense, busy day where not everything went to plan, but we had fun regardless and got some amazing scenarios filmed.

After Ten left I spent a couple of hours with Nimue and Tom shooting some scenes for a slightly insane new project which only I could come up with. It involved taking a lot of punishment back to back and at the end of a long day it was a real test of my endurance. I barely made it through the final couple of canings. I swear I am my own most sadistic top at times. Afterwards the three of us spent the evening recovering, hanging out and, of course, drinking more wine!

On Thursday Tom headed home and we were joined by Michael Darling, the gorgeous male switch previously known as Mike Stryker. After some changes to his personal circumstances he's changed his screen name and I think the new handle is perfect for him.

Michael told me, "my old name has served its purpose and served me well, but I decided it was time to find a new handle, something that better reflected my playful, dandyish nature: my inner child and my outer darling". Both those aspects of Michael's personality were brought out during the shoot, plus others besides.

He was amazing to work with, as ever, and we filmed some seriously hot scenes. I'll post some previews once I've had a chance to sort through the stills, but meanwhile here's a picture of his bottom after ten swats with the wooden paddle which he posted to Twitter:

This was the first shoot in my new flat, and it really made it feel like home. I'm living alone now after a difficult year of temporary accommodation and unpleasant housemates, and I couldn't be happier. It's wonderful to finally have my own space. I love the process of settling into a place and making it my own, and since I launched Dreams of Spanking there's a part of my brain which never feels like I've really occupied somewhere until I've filmed there! It was very affirming to be able to host a shoot and bring the space to life in a variety of scenes. The flat has been thoroughly warmed by all the hotness that's taken place. I can't wait to share the results with you!


Ten's, ah, adornment

Am I the only one pervy enough to notice, is that a butt plug in (up?) Ten's ass? Is this a new direction for DoS? Inquiring sick minds want to know.

Yes, it was indeed - but since those photos were from our private play session in Spain, it doesn't represent anything for DoS. Although I have made a note of your pervery for future reference. ;)

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