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Professional discipline and positive spanking

In our latest spanking film I play a shy kinky girl who has never been spanked - in fact I'm so nervous I can barely say the word "spanking"! This might stretch your credulity a bit, but bear with me. The story is that my supportive girlfriend Nimue, to whom I have confessed my discipline fantasies, is curious and wants to help me explore them - but she has no experience either and doesn't want to muck it up. She decides to treat me to a session with a professional disciplinarian who will be able to help me articulate my desires and guide me through my first time.


It's a really sweet little film about positive spanking, empowering discipline and the amazing feeling of bringing your fantasies to life for the first time. I love Tom in the persona of the calm, courteous spanker who is serious about his work, detached from sexual motivations and dedicated to providing a positive discipline experience.

I like the idea of doing some sequels to this scene, perhaps showing a future visit where my character confesses she needs some real punishment for bad behaviour, or the professional teaching the girlfriend how to provide for her partner's needs.

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

Of course if you are lucky enough to have friends or lovers with compatible kinks, that can bring a whole other world of joy - but I understand that this isn't always possible. If you are new to spanking, particularly, I think visiting a professional to find out what it's like can be a really good idea. Obviously I offer professional spanking sessions myself, so there's no denying my bias, but I do so because I genuinely believe it provides a helpful and positive service. 

A professional will be able to provide reassurance that you are normal and there's nothing wrong with you. I spend a lot of time talking to people about their fantasies and it's lovely to be able to help people accept their sexuality. A professional will also have the experience to help you work out how to communicate what you want, and to be accurate and able to pitch things at the right level for you, so there's less risk of being put off further exploration by playing with someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Young inexperienced women are especially at risk of being preyed on by creeps on a power trip - with a professional top that's much less likely. And much more than, say, a play encounter at a spanking party, a professional top will be wholly focussed on bringing your fantasy to life and creating a custom experience that's designed to be as fulfilling as possible.

Pixie wrote a great post about how she visited a professional top early on in her kinky exploration. She has some really interesting things to say from her experience on both sides of a professional encounter.


Now this is the way I would like to be if and when I take the Pro-Disciplinarian path!

Well done as always!

Thanks Loki! I don't know many men who make a living as pro-tops - the adult industry is still very gendered that way. But best of luck with it if you decide to give it a go!

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