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Behind the scenes of A Ghost Story

My ambition has always been to make artistic spanking films, real little movies with involved storylines, believable characters and attractive videography. Of course in the real world budget constraints and inexperience set limits on what is achievable. However, I within those limits, I still indulge myself from time to time with more complex and creative films such as Psychic Interrogation, Primae Noctis and Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age. But there is always room for improvement.

It's very rare that I get the chance to really go to town, and bring a fantasy fully to life, exactly as I imagined it. One such opportunity was our shoot with premiere kinky producer couple Hywel Phillips and Ariel Anderssen, the stunning blonde actress better known to the spanking world as Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Hywel has been making fetish movies for over ten years, and when it comes to photography and filmmaking he's both a passionate artist and highly technically skilled. When we did a shoot trade with his glamour bondage site Restrained Elegance last year, he was generously shared his kit and expertise in the scenes for Dreams of Spanking.

Hywel was responsible for the gorgeous photography of Amelia in the Bedroom, but A Ghost Story is the film where his superb videography really came to the fore.

I'd written a shooting script listing the shots we needed, but hadn't done any storyboarding - Hywel decided camera angles and other details on the fly, effectively acting as director of photography. He also masterminded the lighting, and it was a real treat to work not only with high quality lights, but someone who really knows how to use them. We were filming with the same baby Canon I always use, but you only have to glance at the screengrabs to see the difference that decent lighting makes to the video quality.

This storyline goes right back to the roots of my kink: one of my earliest kinky memories, a night when I was 7 or 8. I couldn't sleep, and was coming downstairs for a glass of milk. My parents had the TV on and I could hear it as I came downstairs, then glimpse the screen through the open door.

It was a period drama of some kind: I saw a girl in petticoats, lying facedown on a bed, screaming in terror as a man stood behind her, furiously thrashing her with a cane. I paused halfway down the stairs, heart pounding, barely daring to breathe. Suddenly I couldn't face my parents: I turned around, and sneaked back upstairs. They never knew I was there, and I can't imagine they ever suspected what I'd seen and the lasting effect it had on me.

(I recently looked on IMDB, out of curiosity, to see if I could find the program. I remembered the title from an advert showing around the same time, which I recognised from the snippet I'd seen, but now I honestly can't tell if it's this program of that name, or this one. I've never heard anyone else mention this caning scene and I'm not sure if I dare risk finding out that it was all - or mostly - in my fevered imagination.)

The image stayed with me for many years, and it was always one of the things I planned to revisit if I ever started making videos of my own.


A Ghost Story brings that historical snippet into a sinister modern day storyline. Amelia is a model staying at a quaint old B&B the night before a photoshoot. But her beauty sleep is disturbed by horrible dreams of Victorian times, mistreated girls and ghostly goings on. What secrets does this spooky old building keep - and can it really be haunted?

This is an atmospheric, evocative historical ghost story that merges past and present, dream and reality. Amelia gives an outstanding lead performance, and is a joy to watch throughout.

I really enjoyed editing this film and compiling the soundtrack from the excellent music of composer Kevin Macleod. It's a unique little spanking story in honour of All Souls that combines period drama, suspense and horror sequences and intense caning action.

I hope the end result is appropriately shivery and horrible, but of course the reality of shooting it was tremendous fun. Amelia is always a delight to work with and it was lovely seeing how well she and Hywel work together. You can get a glimpse into the filming process through our behind the scenes video, which shows not only the usual making of, outtakes and silliness between shots, but also a very special out of character caning to refresh Amelia's marks for the final scene. I've grabbed some exclusive screen captures from that caning just for this blogpost:

22 strokes of the 12mm dragon cane administered by Hywel, her real life partner whom she married this summer. It's a candid, intimate little caning sequence that provides a lovely real life counterpoint to the darkness of our latest CP fantasy.

Professional discipline and positive spanking

In our latest spanking film I play a shy kinky girl who has never been spanked - in fact I'm so nervous I can barely say the word "spanking"! This might stretch your credulity a bit, but bear with me. The story is that my supportive girlfriend Nimue, to whom I have confessed my discipline fantasies, is curious and wants to help me explore them - but she has no experience either and doesn't want to muck it up. She decides to treat me to a session with a professional disciplinarian who will be able to help me articulate my desires and guide me through my first time.


It's a really sweet little film about positive spanking, empowering discipline and the amazing feeling of bringing your fantasies to life for the first time. I love Tom in the persona of the calm, courteous spanker who is serious about his work, detached from sexual motivations and dedicated to providing a positive discipline experience.

I like the idea of doing some sequels to this scene, perhaps showing a future visit where my character confesses she needs some real punishment for bad behaviour, or the professional teaching the girlfriend how to provide for her partner's needs.

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

Of course if you are lucky enough to have friends or lovers with compatible kinks, that can bring a whole other world of joy - but I understand that this isn't always possible. If you are new to spanking, particularly, I think visiting a professional to find out what it's like can be a really good idea. Obviously I offer professional spanking sessions myself, so there's no denying my bias, but I do so because I genuinely believe it provides a helpful and positive service. 

A professional will be able to provide reassurance that you are normal and there's nothing wrong with you. I spend a lot of time talking to people about their fantasies and it's lovely to be able to help people accept their sexuality. A professional will also have the experience to help you work out how to communicate what you want, and to be accurate and able to pitch things at the right level for you, so there's less risk of being put off further exploration by playing with someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Young inexperienced women are especially at risk of being preyed on by creeps on a power trip - with a professional top that's much less likely. And much more than, say, a play encounter at a spanking party, a professional top will be wholly focussed on bringing your fantasy to life and creating a custom experience that's designed to be as fulfilling as possible.

Pixie wrote a great post about how she visited a professional top early on in her kinky exploration. She has some really interesting things to say from her experience on both sides of a professional encounter.

Two day shoot with Ten and Michael

I'm just recovering from an epic two day shoot with some of my favourite performers. The flat is tidied and more or less back to normal. Memory cards are backed up and files are transferring. The rest of today is drinking tea and video editing, as I want to get one of Wednesday's scenes ready to publish this weekend.

American spanking star Ten Amorette arrived in London Tuesday night on the last stop of a whirlwind UK trip, after spending two days shooting with two other favourite woman-led spanking sites, Spanking Sarah and Northern Spanking. Sarah has already blogged some previews of her shoot with Ten - looks like they worked hard and had a lot of fun!

I met Ten for the first time in at the Texas All State Spanking Party and we struck up an instant rapport. I shot for her clips store Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse, and by mutual agreement the shoot included one of the most sexually explicit spanking videos either of us has ever done. It turns out that we have great chemistry.

We met again recently at the World Spanking Party in Spain, where we shared a group scene with Tom and Jerry Diamond (yeah, yeah, Tom and Jerry... we got a fair bit of mileage out of that one). Here we are in Spain after some extended two-on-two caning:

Nimue, who would be my camerawoman for both days, was the first to arrive at my place on Tuesday night. I picked up Ten from the station, and the three of us drank wine and talked shop as she recovered from a long couple of days shooting and travelling. Then it was up early the next morning to try and squeeze in all the scenes we had planned before she left for her flight home at 2pm. Tom joined us at midday to top in the last two scenes. It was an intense, busy day where not everything went to plan, but we had fun regardless and got some amazing scenarios filmed.

After Ten left I spent a couple of hours with Nimue and Tom shooting some scenes for a slightly insane new project which only I could come up with. It involved taking a lot of punishment back to back and at the end of a long day it was a real test of my endurance. I barely made it through the final couple of canings. I swear I am my own most sadistic top at times. Afterwards the three of us spent the evening recovering, hanging out and, of course, drinking more wine!

On Thursday Tom headed home and we were joined by Michael Darling, the gorgeous male switch previously known as Mike Stryker. After some changes to his personal circumstances he's changed his screen name and I think the new handle is perfect for him.

Michael told me, "my old name has served its purpose and served me well, but I decided it was time to find a new handle, something that better reflected my playful, dandyish nature: my inner child and my outer darling". Both those aspects of Michael's personality were brought out during the shoot, plus others besides.

He was amazing to work with, as ever, and we filmed some seriously hot scenes. I'll post some previews once I've had a chance to sort through the stills, but meanwhile here's a picture of his bottom after ten swats with the wooden paddle which he posted to Twitter:

This was the first shoot in my new flat, and it really made it feel like home. I'm living alone now after a difficult year of temporary accommodation and unpleasant housemates, and I couldn't be happier. It's wonderful to finally have my own space. I love the process of settling into a place and making it my own, and since I launched Dreams of Spanking there's a part of my brain which never feels like I've really occupied somewhere until I've filmed there! It was very affirming to be able to host a shoot and bring the space to life in a variety of scenes. The flat has been thoroughly warmed by all the hotness that's taken place. I can't wait to share the results with you!

Shoot previews - Ten Amorette

So what I didn't tell you about the shoot with Ten last week was that just as we were ready to start filming the first scene, bright and early at silly o' clock in the morning, a strange noise sounded outside. A very loud strange noise. We tweaked the curtains open and, to our horror, saw that my street had been cordoned off and was filled with large orange trucks. It seems that Thames Water had picked that day to start working on the water mains... a process which apparently involved a lot of loud drilling. Right outside my bedroom window. The bedroom that we were shooting in that morning.

They don't tell you about this sort of thing when you become a pornographer.

Ten and Nimue were very patient with me as I sat down and had a think. Would we have to do all the scenes in the lounge instead? Was it audible throughout the house? Would I have to try and book at studio at zero notice? We'd already set all the lights and cameras up in the bedroom, so changing the plan at this point would lose time wherever we moved to. I'm getting better at this producing/directing malarkey but last minute snags like this are never fun.

Eventually I decided to go ahead with the first scene as planned - I still don't know if that was a good idea, but I guess I'll find out when I come to do the editing. The other bedroom scene we shot just as a photo gallery, without any video.

Thankfully, the third scene planned for the morning was in the bathroom with the shower running, which helpfully masked the noise... and which, incidentally, resulted in all sorts of hotness. Wet white cotton knickers, running water, naked Ten and a wet leather strap. I got rather hot and flustered glancing over that footage last night. Purely to check the audio you understand. Ahem.

Here are some juicy preview photos for you to have a peek at:

The shower scene was shot in response to a request I received soon after the launch of this site:

Pandora, have you ever had the strap taken to your beautiful bottom while you were in the shower, positioned hands against the shower wall, bottom thrust out, water( warm) running down your back? My girlfriend (little brat) says it is most effective to put her back on the straight and narrow. You wearing a tight pair of panties with the water running over them gives the full effect of the strap.

It's Ten's beautiful bottom rather than mine, but still, I hope this scene meets the criteria. I am always happy to film member's requests for videos, so if you have any scene ideas, let me know!

The final scene we shot that day was an edgy MF/F fantasy, with me and Tom ganging up on Ten as a sadistic double act. We were meeeean to her. We like her really, though. And she was wonderfully sympathetic - and gorgeously spankable - as our hapless home help.  

Our Au Pair

Working as an au pair in London without a visa, Ten is trapped in a house with two psycho parents. They don't believe in spanking for their little boy, but they do insist on corporal punishment to keep the home help in line. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy... 

Shoot previews - Michael Darling

The second day of last week's shoot was all about Michael Darling. Previously known as Mike Stryker, this blue-eyed, neatly bearded young man has gained a lot of fans after his shoot with Dana Kane, and I couldn't wait to get him back. This time, I felt that my topping skills had come far enough to work with him myself, and he didn't seem to mind the idea. Since we're both switches, I decided to start the day with a couple of scenes which let his top side shine:

Doesn't he look good wielding that hairbrush?

This switch scene, in which we play two young sweethearts who agree to pledge their troth in the manner of college fraternities - with ten hard swats of the wooden paddle - will be out this weekend. Look out for it!

But of course, you've all seen my bottom before - and while I had Michael for the day I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show off his. It is rather fantastic, as anyone who's seen this photo will agree.

Michael's penchant for age play was the inspiration behind that sizzling shaved-and-spanked scene with Dana Kane, and since then not only has it become one of our most popular videos, but it's inspired age play scenes with Sebastian and Ten as well. I love giving the performers I work with input into the scenes we do, as it's when you're playing a scene that everyone is genuinely into that the real magic happens.

I knew that Michael was also very interested in pet and puppy play. It's something I've dabbled with myself, with the good folks of SM Circus. But I've never explored it in an F/M context before. Well, there's always a first time. And with fellow puppy player and accomplished domme Nimue Allen on set, how could I resist?


I wouldn't describe puppy play as my kink exactly, but I can definitely see the appeal ... and I defy anyone to not find those photos adorable.

And of course, we couldn't resist the opportunity to shoot some classic domestic F/M. Well, almost. I try to inject a bit more affection and intimacy into my F/M scenes than you'll see in traditional femdom. And I do like to show you Mr Darling's lovely face, as well as his lovely bottom:

We had a little time left at the end of the day, so before we settled in to a convivial evening of wine and gossip, we used the time to take some extra photos of Michael showing off his beautifully welted bottom in a pink floral pinny.

There's something about these images, for me, that sums up the whole idea behind this website. I just love the way his muscles look in the window reflection in that first photo. Who says nubile young men can't be sexy 50s housewives too? Ladies, I hope you'll agree.

Taking her strokes

Chross posted this amazing video, a scene from TV show American Horror Story. It's a period narrative set in a lunatic asylum run by sadistic nuns. Huge kinky potential - and it doesn't disappoint.

In this scene, one girl is punished by being made to watch two others get caned as a consequence of her actions. With additional cruelty she is made to choose the cane - and encouraged to "live large" when she selects one the Sister deems too light.

Fans of boys and girls spanked together will be as thrilled as me to see the hapless pair bend side by side over the Sister's desk, in identical hospital robes that expose their bare bottoms. Even better, at the last minute the boy jumps up and insists that it was all his fault, and volunteers to take the girls' strokes on top of his own. It's all rather deliciously horrible.

The caning itself is, unfortunately, fairly unconvincing - both in the positioning of the cane and the sound it makes. But anyone who's seen our F/M videos will know that boys and girls spanked together, girls being made to watch a boy's punishment and boys bravely taking the blame to protect their friend are all themes very close to my heart. If you liked this scene, you'll like these Dreams of Spanking scenes starring the gallant Jimmy Holloway:

The Whipping Boy

A poor serving boy is whipped in his lady's place. She is far too well born to receive such treatment, or to dally with the likes of him. Taking her punishment is the best way he knows to show his love - and since she loves him in return, watching him do so is the worst torment of all.

Taking the Blame

Two young friends are often getting into mischief, and when Jimmy's aunt decides enough is enough, he leaps to Pandora's defense and takes the blame for both of them. But Pandora can't bear to watch, and confesses that it was her fault too... which unfortunately gets both of them into even more trouble.

Ten swats each to prove their love

Our latest spanking film is inspired by the F/M spanking art of Red Rump.

I've noticed that it's quite common for my F/M scenes to be inspired by artwork. For some reason, artwork is much more likely to portray both participants in an F/M scene as attractive and sympathetic. Unlike in many F/M film productions, you get to see the man's face as well as his bottom, and he's often nice to look at too. Often the image presents a fantasy from the spankee's perspective. In short, F/M artwork generally humanises male spankees more than traditional femdom.

I liked this drawing so much that I posted it on this blog once before... and now I've made a video version. I hope Red Rump doesn't mind me using his art as inspiration! Here's what I wrote last time:

This is adorable: the playfulness, the sexiness, the cheerful, affectionate supportiveness of the spanker even as she prepares to wallop his arse again. I fucking love that she's giving him a hardcore paddling while wearing long stripy socks and not much else.

Originally Prove Your Love was conceived as an F/M video, but Michael, like me, has been enjoying exploring his top side lately, and I'm not one to pigeonhole my performers into boxes that are too small for them. He said he'd love to do some topping on our shoot, and since I;ve started playing with other switches I'm very excited about producing films which show two people switching both ways in the same scene.

Switch visibility is not always great in the kink scene, especially for men, and people who present primarily as tops - I think there's still an idea that showing people your submissive side will somehow make you less credible or attractive as a top. It's bollocks, of course. The kink scene is full of switch play, so why not show more switch spanking on video?

Click to view trailer for Prove%20Your%20Love

Prove Your Love

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!

This scene was a LOT of fun to make. Before we started I wasn't sure how plausible the scenario was, but it actually flowed really well. There ended up being a sort of light-hearted rivalry between the two sweethearts which was great fun to play out, and despite the characters' aversion to sentimentality, the result is genuinely affectionate and adorable.

I love the idea of two equals daring each other to take a punishment to prove their commitment - it's simultaneously edgy, funny and sweet. And the college fraternity theme brings whole new meaning to the phrase "pledge your troth"!


Neither of the characters in this scene would describe themselves as "kinky", but by the time they'd exchanged their ten swats each I suspect they might have developed a bit of a taste for this sort of play ;)

It's quite rare to see a spanking production before in which a heterosexual couple play both ways in the same film, but it's something I'm really interested in watching at the moment. (Surely this can't be the first ever film to show F/M and M/F spanking between the same couple?) I hope you enjoy this fresh, entertaining take on male/female spanking. I certainly enjoyed both sides of this one, and it's great to see that Michael can dish it out as well as take it!

The Lion and the Ruby Slippers

Fans of Michael Darling, fairytales and burlesque will adore this magical gender-bending boylesque performance from Barelesque 3 a couple of weeks ago. Beautifully conceived and performed, it plays with the ideas of butch and femme in a way that is both sexy and unexpected. It seems that the Lion from Oz has a tender side...

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