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Reading the comments

If the comments are anything to go by, you like our latest scenes. There's an internet saying that one should never read the comments, but I've found it totally untrue in the case of this website. Perhaps you're all just an excellent, articulate bunch (well, of course you are), but I personally love receiving feedback and hearing what works and what doesn't work for each of you, even - or perhaps especially - when you disagree.

It might sound strange, but when my work triggers a passionate debate between two enthusiasts - about, say, whether punishment spankings should be applied to the bare bottom or to one thinly clad in taut cotton knickers; or whether my bum encased in a tight pencil skirt should be subjected to the wooden paddle, the clothes brush or the cane - it makes me really happy. I love how devoted we kinksters are to the things that make us tick, and I love how much thought we each put into the details of our preferred fantasy. Even if we go for informal, playful scenarios, there's a geeky sort of seriousness about our attention for detail that genuinely delights me.

Of course I can't please everyone every time, and it would be silly to try. But I do try to explore a wide range of scenarios on Dreams of Spanking - more than most spanking sites attempt, perhaps - and I rarely come across a facet of corporal punishment that doesn't spark my interest.

Everyone has specific tastes, particular hooks that will work for them almost regardless of context, and which may even be essential for their enjoyment of a scene. In my experience fetishes are contagious, and my interests have expanded considerably since I started making films and exposing myself to the myriad nuances in the spanking kink. I've caught all sorts of fetishes from other people over the years, and I've received several emails from people who have discovered new interests through watching my films. It's one of the best compliments a producer can receive.

There are some things I'm stubborn about (I won't stick to the same old formulae every time, I won't eroticise misogyny and I won't stop filming beautiful boys), but otherwise I'm fairly open-minded. Perhaps it's something to do with my submissive side, but as a performer and producer I love being able to sneak a special detail into a scene that I know will make one of my viewers happy. It brings me a real pleasure to be able to cater to someone's particular tastes, especially if they've taken the time to write to me and let me know what they want to see. As well as pleasing individual correspondents, taking requests is a good way of reaching out to new audiences. Wide-ranging and varied our kinks might be, but it's quite rare that a person is the only one in the world who likes a certain thing. Many of us grew up in similar cultures and environments, and if one person has a certain trigger, chances are there'll be others who have it too.

I'm always interested in adding new details to my understanding of what "does it" for someone in this kink of ours. It might be something physical, like sheer seamed stockings on shapely legs, or the soft curve of a dimpled bottom; or it might be a psychological element, like blackmail, defiance or taking the blame for someone else.

The Dreams of Spanking tag list is a good start, but the nuances of corporal punishment are almost infinitely fascinating, and I am quite sure there's lots more to add. If a key aspect of your spanking kink isn't represented, write me a comment and let me know what I'm missing. You never know, you might convert me.


Hear, hear!

I think some of the bloggers in the spanking community are the smartest, most articulate, most wonderful people I have ever met. I have to keep remembering that whenever I get annoyed by trolls!

Hooray for spanking bloggers! Nice to see you here, Anastasia, :)

Well you can always do a scene whereas an obnoxious blog commenter gets his or her proper commupence for all the annoying posting that said individual has done.

That's one way to teach those trolls a lesson by proxy.

Obnoxious? I think you must be reading different comment threads to me!

Walking, Jodhpurs,VPl & Satin Panties

OK. Here's a suggestion. I think nearly everyone likes spanking etc with tight jodhpurs and boots -you've even done it once here, but I'm sure it could be done more frequently. I also think most people have seen a beautiful bottom walking down the street and have wanted to or have followed it. Yet on all the great spanking websites i've watched I've never really seen time spent by starting out simply watching a bottom in motion before moving on to the action. For me the ultimate would be tight jodhpurs, VPL,(visible pantie line), followed by OTK on jodhpurs, jodhpurs down revealing SATIN panties for nice change -it is always cotton everywhere and satin or silk are sexier and much better at displaying movement. Panties like the ones you have on on your blog, the same as the great ones you had on, unfortunately unfilmed, in In the Library on Northern Spanking would be ideal. The initial spanking would be just a first warning followed later by riding crop and cane work. I'm sure you could have walking in tight pants, leotards, tights, as one of your regular features especialy with that truly magnificent bottom of yours.

Thanks very much for this, it's quite eye-opening! I think I have done a little of this - there's several lingering shots of Molly's shorts-clad bottom as she rides her bike, dismounts and checks the wheels in Saddle Sore, for instance - but there's certainly room for more. As it happens I've recently been planning some more equestrian scenes.

In general I'm sure I can incorporate some bottom-focussed walking sequences into future scenes. A question - do you have a preference between high heeled boots over jodhpurs, to enhance the musculature of legs and buttocks? Or low-heeled riding boots for greater authenticity?

I know a lot of people have a satin/silk preference but I'm not a fan, personally - it tends to ruck and crease, and doesn't sit smoothly over the curve of the bottom. I do have a couple of pairs of satin ones, though.

Not sure which Northern Spanking scene you mean - was it with Michael Stamp? I thought I'd worn cotton panties in both of those...

Satin Panties, Johpurs, Poetry in Motion Walking

I appreciate the response especially with the schedule you appear to be running I’m not sure where you found the time. I’m pretty well agnostic on authentic or high heeled riding boots although I do take your point on definition. Somehow, although the set up is bound to be pretty unrealistic, having authentic boots probably gives it more of a realistic aura.
In the Library with Michael was what I refered to. Pandora “We shot this quiet, atmospheric photostory for Northern Spanking on a dreary day in December, wind and rain rattling the windowpanes....ni Paul Kennedy wanted to take some classic Blushes-style stills”
Actually after I sent you the blog I took a closer look and glorious though these undies on you are, (LOVE your underwear in this set darling. Tres sexy, especially with the glasses to boot ;- xx Leia-Ann Woods), you’re right these aren’t satin. But in your photo only,(boo!), shoot titled REPENTANCE in N.S. you definitely have on satin panties. I was also happy to see you wearing a delightful pair, although unfortunately not full seat coverage, in Dreams –Secret Wardrobe. Shame on you Pandora for only having 2 pairs of satin panties. Whilst I defer to your far better knowledge of relative display qualities of cotton versus satin I would point out that the great Betty Page and the, unfortunately, long moved along but equally great Lucy Bailey appeared to be big satin fans.
Once upon a time black satin or silk panties were all the rage particularly on maids, but I appreciate them also in white, blue, red green and yellow. I seem to recall the term VPL originally turned up in the Woody Allen movie ‘Annie Hall’.
By the way I’m not sure that anyone in the spanking world has come out yet with the obvious Fifty Shades of Caroline Grey.
There is an old song called Poetry in Motion, I'm sure it must be all about following a beautiful bum down the street.

Ah yes, Peotry in Motion. I remember that.

I would love to see a clothed bottom walking to her punishment, and a naked marked (but not mutilated, no Lupus stuff) bottom walking away. If I was a spanking movie director the operative word would be motion. Bouncing bottoms, and boobs left free (read naked) to do their thing. (and they do not have to be big, any size is just fine, fake is not.) Bent over tight is not my favorite thing as it keeps the buns from moving, either from a strike or the movement of a struggling spankee. Besides I don't think either the ass or legs look their best in that position. You could not do much better for me than the "Only his Hand" video. It is right in so many ways. In a different genre the saddle sore one was also white hot.

The think about the pencil skirt for me is that is exactly how girls were punished when I was in high school. Contrary to what you may hear is was not very common but it did happen. It would not bother me if it was done with a cane but in American schools it was the paddle. (without exception as far as I know) I do think it should be done to the tolerance limit of the recipient, but then most of your stuff is.

But I like most of what you do, and I like the variety. Part of the fun of this site is seeing what you will come up with next. Some of it I pass on, but not much.

I like asked for spankings, either for erotic purposes or guilt or any other reason. At a spanking party about 20 years ago a young lady showed up and announced that, "I'm here to be SPANKED." I still love it. (By Sunday night her ass was a mess and she was very happy.)

I have seen no mention of this here and maybe you would like for it to not be mentioned, but certain things like figging I think would add a nice touch. A naked woman who is not allowed to touch her bottom trying to aleviate the sting can be more than entertaining. This is a suggestion, not a request.

Love Caroline Grey, that woman can act. Her ass ain't bad either. Please of you can ask her to check her blog once in a while. Her performance in "New Head Girl" was worth the price of admissoin without the spanking. (Another thing I won;t mention again, Thomas is not my favorite actor here.)

You know we waited for this site for over a year, and it has proven to have been well worth it. If I could only ever suscribe to one site it would be this one without hesitation. Thanks for doing it.

hello, I would be interested in figging.


Was wondering if we could possibility see a figging scene or two?



I would be interested in figging.

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