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Prints and things

Here's a sneak preview of what Tom and I will be taking to the vendor's fair at the World Spain Party this weekend. It's been very exciting seeing things arrive bit by bit over the last few days.

Knowing how short of time I've been this week, D kindly organised the poster prints for me from his local printing shop. In D's words, here's what happened next:

I initially spoke to the bloke I usually speak to, who did the leaflets for me that time. "Today I am running errands for my girlfriend's porn business."¹


"She wants some A3 posters printing, I think she spoke to you."

"She might have done. She didn't sound like a porn queen."²

So then we discussed the type of paper and sorted that, then I gave them the USB stick.

"Er, what sort of images are we about to print, by the way?"

"Spanking stuff."

"Oh, okay."

So he plugs the stick into another guy's machine and says the name of the type of paper they want to go on. The guy copies the folder, loads the first image, and everyone in the office looks at it, then turns their heads around to look at me.

"No, that's not me."

"Just checking."

"I'm probably in there though."

They start opening more images.

"I'll just leave you to that then shall I?"

1. Bold, I thought.

2. I am choosing to take this as a compliment.

D added that the first photo they opened was, in fact, me and Tom getting up to some OTK hand spanking - "So more your butt and Tom really."

"A match made in heaven," I grinned. Apparently when he collected the posters the guy had put the images featuring D at the top of the pile in what was clearly some sort of deliberate comment. They also told him they must have written his phone number down wrong "because they'd phoned some poor woman up and told her her spanking posters were ready." He's not sure he believes them, but it's good to know they approach unusual projects with such good humour!

I'm picking up the poster prints from D tonight - I can't wait to see them. Tom and I fly out on Friday morning and the vendor's fair is Friday evening. Exciting times!


"She doesn't sound like a porn queen"

Thats a pretty good observation from people who dont know you.

Luckily the people who do actually DO know you, understand thats exactly what a porn queen does really sound like !


Enjoy Benidorm

Well, it's what THIS porn queen sounds like! Although I'd love to know what it was they were expecting...

Spain was wonderful - thankyou x

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