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Spanking audio: 'The Royal Wedding'

I've just updated the site with our first spanking audio story, The Royal Wedding. This is a spoken word version of my contribution  to The Spanking Collection, an anthology of original spanking fiction edited by Abel and Haron (AKA Adele Haze) to raise funds for cancer research charities.

'The Royal Wedding' is my first serious piece of spanking fiction, and the first short story I've ever had published in print. It started life as a somewhat wry response to the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton last summer, which was all you could hear about at the time I was writing. The story evolved far more depth than I’d imagined.

Based on one of my more un-filmable ideas, the scenario explores the complexities of consent through a judicial, ceremonial punishment against the backdrop of an arranged marriage. Proud, strong-minded princess Tabina entirely consents to the marriage, but not for reasons of romance: her motivations are political and patriotic.

The punishment itself is not, initially, consensual. She's not so much forced into it as tricked, but she chooses not to resist, and in the end she consents explicitly and wholeheartedly for reasons of her own.

I love audio as a medium. We've got several more spanking audio stories lined up, including some more traditional domestic punishments and sexy consensual spanking. This one is a bit unusual, but it's close to my heart. It's severe, it's based in a fantasy setting, and it contains far more story than spanking (my aim was for it to read like a chapter in a novel in which a punishment scene is described in detail). I had almost as much fun with the world building as I did with the caning sequence itself.

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I'll be interested to see if anyone likes the ones we recorded when you were up here. I still suspect that there will be more of a market for a female voice than there will for a male.

Yes, looking forward to posting those! I know for a fact there are female viewers who are fans of male top's voice/POV, but I think they're all too shy to leave comments :)

your audios.

Pandora you have a nice voice for reading aloud ,love and spanks,Timxx


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