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Redrump's F/M art

I've been playing around with the blog a bit this week, adding some links to my favourite kink and spanking blogs on top of the existing blogroll of cast/crew blogs and recommended ethical porn sites. One of them is relatively new to me, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was a keeper: Red Rump's Spanking Art.

I was already planning my next couple of F/M video shoots, but these hot illustrations have made me impatient to get started:

I love the spankee's expression, his fit toned body, and the energy in the body language.

This is adorable: the playfulness, the sexiness, the cheerful, affectionate supportiveness of the spanker even as she prepares to wallop his arse again. I fucking love that she's giving him a hardcore paddling while wearing long stripy socks and not much else. (I discovered I liked the Clothed Female, Nude Male genre before I even realised it was a genre - I just love the contrast between elegantly dressed women and gorgeous, vulnerable, beautiful nude submissive men. But Semi-Clothed Female, Nude Male is okay too, especially when it's this cute.)

A more traditional F/M image, and I'm not sure I like shouty dommes. But I like the emphasis on the spankee's handsome face; the way he's gripping the chair for support.

When I don't like F/M it's usually because it's All About The Domme and the spankee is just a placeholder. I like both participants to be present in the scene, and I like male bottoms who have a personality and are nice to look at. Red Rump's art has all of these things, as well as humour, imaginative scenarios and cute female spankers. I'm feeling thoroughly inspired for our next F/M video shoot!


Corner Time

There is nowhere like the corner to appreciate the after effects of my spanked bottom . Keep it going for us male subs Pandora .We appreciate it.

Thanks tymide :) Working on getting more male sub scenes up as soon as possible. I'm shooting with Dana Kane in March, planning to shoot some elegant domestic F/M with her. Not sure who I'm casting as her victim yet but have a couple of chaps to interview. Exciting!

Intriguing Images

As a het male top looking at these images, I'm reminded of my fascination with het female tops. Ever since I've known about and accepted my sexuality, I've been intrigued by the idea of meeting a woman who has more or less the same proclivities and desires towards men that I do towards women. It would be interesting to talk about points of view and what draws us towards spanking/disciplining the opposite gender.

These images provide an intriguing glimpse into a possible mindset of such a woman or couple. Funny that this is making me want to see more F/M. Ha!

I'm hoping that well-made F/M will be intriguing even to those outside that particular orientation, by offering an insight into the mindset and dynamics that arise within a het couple playing against the conventional power direction with love and respect. Of course, the key here is finding performers who have a strong sense of their own kink and sexuality and a knack for expressing it: although I find this material hot, and an quickly developing a taste for spanking deserving male bottoms, this sort of scene won't represent my own relationship identity, so I'll need to draw on the experience and desires of my performers and tell their stories, instead.

The first F/M video will be with Adele and Jimmy, who have a fairly balanced switch relationship, but have a strong sense of power dynamics and are very talented at expressing themselves on camera, so I'm hoping to capture something special and real with them.

Red Rump FM Art

Thx for sharing these--I'm also a fan of Red Rump's cherry red themed artwork; the last one you posted is my fav of the group.

Red Rump's art also has that vintage/retro look which I find very appealing. He also has on his site a new color FM otk illo which I think is a masterwork.

The colour illustration is gorgeous! And you're right, the slightly retro styling is definitely part of the appeal.

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