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Little girls, big spankings

As an adult spankee, there are few things more self-indulgent - and more satisfying - than playing a little pouty punished girl. Similar to the pleasure of expressing all those emotions we aren't allowed as grownups through the role of a teenage schoolgirl, from brattiness and bitchiness to naive innocence and indignance, being spanked as a little girl is a different emotional rollercoaster to being spanked as an adult woman. You can be poutier, brattier, you can make more of a fuss... but you get to feel safer, littler, more protected and more controlled. Especially for high powered adult spankees who are very much in charge of their lives and careers, this kind of play can offer therapeutic relief from the responsibility of the real world.

I didn't plan it this way, but both this week's site updates explore the theme of domestic age play - one F/F, one M/F.

Ms Howard's Little Girl is an age play fantasy starring Zoe Montana and myself, and the scenario was suggested by a reader of my blog. Tammy is staying at Ms Howard's house for the summer, and is unused to her strict rules and old-fashioned methods of punishment.

Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl  Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl

I find the idea of visiting an over-strict guardian makes the fantasy much easier: not only is it more believable for a kid to get into lots of trouble if they're new to this sort of discipline, but it makes the whole thing a bit more permissible because they aren't stuck there forever. Rather than a dark narrative of someone desperately trapped in a horrible situation, the spankee who's new to the situation is able to respond with the indignance, surprise and brattiness which is so much fun to watch.

Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl  Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl

(Speaking of visiting, Zoe is currently in the UK for a few weeks, and I had loads of fun meeting up with her for some spanking play on Friday. She's an expert caner and so much fun to hang out with - an ideal combination as far as I'm concerned! We've got some more shoots planned while she's here, including some much more grownup/erotic scenarios. I can't wait.)

Our latest video update, Through the Bedroom Door, explores a voyeuristic angle on domestic punishments. Caught peeking in at her cousin Amelia's spanking, Pandora earns herself the same punishment. When they complain about this treatment, their strict guardian decides that six of the best will teach the girls some respect.

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Ever since the day I took these photos of Zille Defeu being punished in the bedroom, while I hid outside, listening and peeking like a naughty sibling trying not to be caught, I've wanted to make a film exploring this voyeuristic angle. I think the idea of overhearing or glimpsing a real domestic punishment is a hot button for a lot of people, especially those who really did encounter friends and neighbours being punished when they were young.

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

The implication in this scene is that punishments of this severity are normal in the household. The girls are indignant, but their guardian's manner gives the impression that this level of strictness is par for the course, not an extreme circumstance. My personal interpretation of this scene is that the girls are wartime evacuees sent to stay with a male friend of the family, but you can read it however you like.

Tom was very convincingly scary as the old-fashioned guardian, and Amelia and I had a lot of fun being pouty and indignant together, and not getting away with it in the slightest!

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Lou requested these screengrabs of the ending, where Amelia and I are kneeling next to each other on the bed. Enjoy!


Love it.

I certainly love both of these domestic scenarios, and the delicious pix, as well as your intriguing and thoughtful behind-the-scenes commentary ^_^

You are super.


Thanks Dave, glad you're enjoying the scenes and thanks for reading the blog! :)


You're welcome :)


Aren't they pretty? It was my first opportunity to work with Amelia, who is the closest thing to a genuine superstar the British scene has, and I have to admit, I enjoyed it *very* much. But that's because I'm a decadent rake.

ageplay fun

Pandora this looks good,love and spanks ,Timxx

Thanks Tim, glad you liked it :)

Top Quality

Best site ever! Good clear top shelf work. Pandora, have you ever had the strap taken to your beautiful bottom while you were in the shower, positioned hands against the shower wall, bottom thrust out, water( warm) running down your back? My girlfriend (little brat) says it is most effective to put her back on the straight and narrow. You wearing a tight pair of panties with the water running over them gives the full effect of the strap.

Thanks very much :)

No, I haven't, but what an intriguing image! I've been spanked over wet panties before (most memorably with a wooden bathbrush) but a spanking in a warm shower sounds lovely and rather intense. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks to your suggestion, I've just filmed a scene exactly like this with Ten Amorette. You can see some preview screengrabs here - I hope you like them!

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