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Schoolboys and aristocrats

I'd put a casting call up on my blog, but disappointingly, my inbox was not instantly flooded with requests for work from bright young things willing to shoot M/M spanking scenes. I received lots of emails from willing chaps over 40 who wanted to bottom to women, but lovely as I'm sure they were, none of them was really suitable for the scenes I had in mind.

In the end it was Twitter that solved my problem. I posted to the effect that I was looking for kinky young men willing to bottom on camera for CP films, and that I was offering competitive rates of pay, creative input and good times. Someone on my feed put me in touch with a friend of theirs. He didn't have a website, but he did have a link to a fetlife profile. I took one look at his photo gallery and was sold.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Dreams of Spanking's newest star, Sebastian Hawley:

Sebastian switches, but was mostly interested in new encounters as a bottom, and had experience at modelling and acting. He's into deep D/S and service. Plus, look at that beautiful inkwork. I had to shoot him. All I needed now was someone to top.

My close friend Jimmy Holloway was my first male bottom, and since he's happy working with blokes I was originally looking for an open-minded male top to work with him. Sadly, however, he's not been available to bottom on film for most of the last couple of years, although he's been an absolute star behind the scenes and has done a lot of my camera work. And male tops willing to work with men have been few and far between. I've found a couple of straight male tops who would be happy doing it in a purely acting sort of way, but for sizzling screen chemistry (although none of my scenes are sexual - I like to put boys in restrained discipline scenarios) I ideally wanted to cast male performers who liked men.

So when Jimmy mentioned that he'd been enjoying exploring his switch side in private and would be interested in topping for me on film, I was overjoyed. And instantly desperate to see him and Sebastian together. Two handsome young men. Both a bit alternative. Both into power exchange. Both bisexual. It was literally a dream come true.

I invited both of them to contribute scene ideas, and between us we came up with several we could use. In the end, I decided to shoot two M/M scenes on the day, and wrap up with an F/MM scene with me topping both of them. I was a bit nervous about the topping part, but super keen to see a schoolroom scene with two boys which was as humane, sensitive and engaging as some of the schoolroom scenes in which girls share punishments together. 

The first scene was taken out of the book of my ultimate fantasy scenarios. A downtrodden young fag at a public school, and the bullying prefect who has the right to his labour. I think this scene borrows heavily from reading Roald Dahl's Boy at a young age. I have an image of the prefect wiping the mantelpiece with a white gloved finger while young Roald quakes in his shoes.

I didn't have the costume budget for the full Eton top hat and tails (that's one for further down the line), so my public school was a modern one. Hard to be historical when one of your actors has long hair, the other has large plug piercings and both have tattoos, anyway - the ink can be covered with long-sleeved uniforms but the rest is hard to hide.

(I'd had a great time ordering uniform for the boys off the internet, feeling like a proper pornographer as I asked their sizes and selected colours for them - matching maroon jumpers, blue long sleeved shirts, stripy red and black ties. Jimmy didn't own any grey trousers so I got him a pair of those too, which fitted so well that he declared them to be his new favourite going-out trousers. There's something fantastically decadent about purchasing kinky outfits for other people to wear. The uniforms are still folded neatly in my room and I get a mini-thrill whenever I look at them.)

We started out taking some portrait shots of Sebastian, showing off his beautiful celtic inkwork and getting him into some spanking-themed solo poses with his favourite heavy wooden paddle. Tricia Sullivan (who also took the beautiful introductory shots of Jimmy), one of my favourite female gaze photographers, was behind the camera, and I was directing - always a pleasure when I'm not having to perform at the same time. It was particularly lovely being able to direct a new spanking model with the benefit of all my experience - to be able to say "this will feel really unnatural, but it'll look great" and so on, with an empathy for the disjunction that often exists between what feels right and what looks right.

My fun behind the camera continued with the first M/M scene - the prefect and the fag, for which I was handling the video camera as well as directing.

I hadn't seen Jimmy top before, and I was instantly taken aback by his poise. His dialogue and pacing was perfect, and he struck the ideal balance between scary in-scene and reassuring and friendly out-of-scene.

I knew Sebastian didn't have much CP experience, so I'd written most of the scenes to be short and punchy, and we started with some hand spanking over his boxers to get him warmed up. His restrained hisses and gasps as he processed the sensations were absolutely delightful to watch from my point of view, and when his boxers came down he'd turned a lovely shade of cherry red.

Knowing how much he enjoyed service kink, I'd written some boot-blacking into the scene. Watching Sebastian at work was quite amazing: his focus and perfectionism created a crackling energy when set against Jimmy's performance as (in his own words) a "wonderful cunt".

For the next scene, I had them dressed in traditional upper class hunting outfit, breeks, moleskins, v-necked jumpers and all, playing well-to-do young men acting out the unfortunate consequences of a drunken wager. (Because all spanking scenarios are improved by class dynamics, obviously.) This was a tricky scene to roleplay, but the result was unexpectedly hilarious. Sebastian took twelve with the riding crop over his boxers, and Jimmy didn't mess about - he had some fantastic marks afterwards, which we captured in stills although they weren't shown off in the (terribly straight) video.

Finally, we played a schoolroom scene with me as the teacher and the boys as star pupils in my ethics and philosophy class. I wanted to write them a scene where they were in the right, despite being the bottoms - where they were punished for doing something interesting and honourable, in the sort of school scene which I myself like playing. So I was their young, slightly anxious form teacher, and they had cleverly sabotaged the school's new intrusive CCTV system as an act of non-violent protest. Sadly, the school's attitude to such vandalism was exactly the opposite of non-violent.

The tension in this scene was lovely, just lovely: they both looked beautifully young in their oversized jumpers; Jimmy made an obnoxiously fluent know-it-all teenager; and having someone to roleplay alongside gave Sebastian a new confidence with the improvisation. Despite being the top, I'd written myself a losing proposition - I wasn't going to win the argument, and my only recourse was institutional, rather than moral, authority.

Still, I got to give six memorable stripes to each of two lovely bottoms, which I admit I enjoyed rather more than I should have. The boys told me afterwards that they didn't mind too much, either.

So: two M/M scenes, one F/MM; a new confidence in topping for Jimmy and me; cute boys looking adorable in school uniform; an all-female crew and overall, one of the most stress-free shoots I've ever been on. Being behind the camera really is a completely different experience when you aren't also having to be in front of it; and not bottoming at all was surprisingly liberating.

Subbing on camera is still my primary interest, and I have no intentions of giving it up. But when I can find actors this hot to execute my ideas this well, there is a new and different pleasure in producing films which focus on others - especially if those others are male.


I'm absolutely thrilled by the awesomeness of an all-female crew shooting handsome men doing pr0ns.

(Also: the pictures. Ohhhh, the pictures. *paws at the screen*)

The all-female crew was kind of accidental, but it was very cool that it worked out that way. :)


Even though I'm not really into M/M scenarios, I have to say I would like to see this one. Did you say there was going to be a preview available?

I'm reminded of a scene from the mainstream film "Dead Poets Society", which was the closest I recall to actually being turned on by a M/M scene. Also, the idea of an all female crew is kinda hot too, for some reason :-)


The prefect one? I was aiming for the sort of hot unfair power play you get in quite a lot of mainstream school stories, which there is obviously an appetite for in our cultural imagination regardless of our sexual orientation, presumably because most of us experienced bullying at school at one point or another.

I LOVED that scene from Dead Poet's Society, but that won't be a surprise to anyone ;)

Captain my Captain

That was exactly what I was thinking when watching the rushes from the bet scene. Not so much the dynamic of the actual paddling, which was delightfully macho/non-consentish, but the atmosphere surrounding the boy returning to his mates afterwards.

short trousers missing :)

Why are they not wearing school shorts? :)

You aren't the first person to ask for short trousers! I'm definitely going to buy some for my next school-themed /M shoot :)


In the uk at least, boys start wearing long trousers at the beginning of secondary school, i.e. 12; so in any sequence featuring characters who are sixth formers, I at least would find shorts a bit odd.

Otoh, putting a sixth-former into shorts as a humiliation exercise would fit the kinky image while also adding a whole second dimension to the narrative and emotional drama.

MM spanking

I'm not really into MM spanking, indeed on the only occasion I have been punished by a man I didn't enjoy it all. It only came about because my mistress ordered another of her slaves to spank and cane me. Having said that it looks like a great time was had by all at your photo shoot. The pictures are delightful and the setting seems just right. Unfortunately I am far too old (and probably far too ugly) for anyone to want to see me punished whether by a lady or a gent or I might have considered putting my name forward.

Mmm, yes, I think I'm definitely only shooting men who are interested in spanking or being spanked by other men. Hopefully that will come across in the films.

I'm really glad to hear the settings work for you - I think they're one of the most important things in constructing a powerful spanking scenario. And thanks for your interest! In the future I intend to branch out and feature a greater age range, but right now my priority is on filling the gap in the market and providing some bright young things for ladies my own age to perv over ;)


Factual historical punishments involving boys would be something quite different to other spanking sites. For instance juvenile courts in England Scotland and Ireland regularly used the birch. This would give a "believable" element to a study in cp.

I'm very interested in the possibilities implied by judicial scenarios, although they're a little harder to make authentic in terms of location/furniture/extras and so on. I think this is something to work up to though, once I have some male bottoms I've worked with a few times and have confidence they will be able to - and want to! - take a punishment of this severity. Not something for a first spanking shoot, I think!

F/mm spanking

I wish I was young enough to have been there and have taken a caning from Pandora.
Long trousers are fine. It was short trousers for the younger boys, and then long trousers (boys 13+) when I was at school. We were caned over trousers, and short trousers contained padding which longs did not, so canings of older boys hurt much more!! In all but a few schools the birch died out long before the last war. The cane was more efficient and could be used on lots of boys - frequently 30 at one caning session at my school.
Pandora - you now deserve a caning for having enjoyed giving out six of the best twice over more than you should! I do hope that by now you've had one (or more).

Fascinating stuff regarding your punishments and uniforms at school. 30 boys caned at once! Now there's a film to add to the wishlist :)

The idea of earning a caning by enjoying dishing one out is delightfully recursive, but I think my inner geek might rebel if it didn't go both ways... and I'm not sure my tops would be happy with that ;) But rest assured, I've been caned since this shoot and then some...


Oh, my , these pictures are spectacular! Can't wait to see the clips!


Oh, good! I hoped you'd like them! I'm crossing my fingers that this stuff proves popular enough to justify a second shoot SOON, because I'm impatient to make more :)

Caning -

isn't often my cuppa, but M/M *certainly* is, and although F/M isn't nearly so much, I could never resist a video like the one described! So looking forward to the site launch.

FFFF/M request

My name is Jack and I was wondering if we could see the following type
of scene every now and then on your upcoming great site:

I would like to see scenes with multiple girls dressed in plaid
skirts and white blouses in a college setting etc... Those are the best
scenes IMO. Can we see a scene on your site that features a large group
of girls dressed in plaid skirts and blouses in an all girl college
setting receiving their first male enrollee (preferably a small tiny man
. Can we then see this group of girls demand he must go through the same
initiation that they all had to go through. This would be:

1) The girls make the male strip completely nude in front of the whole
group(the more girls the better) This is a great CFNM scene by itself

2) Each girl(dressed in school uniform) sit on a sraight backed armless
chair and take turns spanking the male OTK while the other girls watch

3) While over the knee of each girl the male's legs remain off the
ground the entire time which reflects complete control being
relinquished to each girl. His legs could also be kicking as well
a small skinny male will be perfect for this

Thanks for this suggestion (and for your emails - sorry for the delay in response, I haven't forgotten!). A five person scene is going to be pretty expensive to film, so I think this is one to work up to assuming the site is a success!

The problem with the "tiny man" thing is casting. There's a real shortage of male performers who are happy showing their face, good to look at, youthful, able to take a hard spanking and skilled actors to boot. Or at least, I know they must be out there but so far I've really struggled to find them. I am pretty much accepting any applications from men who fit the above criteria, and so I'm pretty much at the mercy of luck as to whether they are tall or petite. But if I am fortunate enough to get my hands on a petite man I will certainly take advantage of the opportunity to film an OTK scene with a tall lady :)

This is a brilliant comment to receive. Thankyou :) And hooray for finding another M/M fan!

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