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Female gaze, spankee gaze

Well, the Dreams of Spanking concept has now been released into the wild, and the pre-launch page is open to the public. I've been thrilled by the positive response so far. Thanks so much to all who have signed up to our mailing list, followed us on twitter, left positive comments on photos and written emails. It's been great to see others sharing my excitement about this project. Thanks also to those who have sent constructive criticism and feedback which has enabled us to improve aspects of the site, especially our introductory text on the homepage.

If you haven't signed up to the mailing list yet, please consider doing so - I'll be sending out chatty, fortnightly updates on site progress, and the newsletter will be the first place I'll post the link to free preview galleries as I make them. There's a sign up form on the homepage and at the bottom of most other site pages.

I've wanted to post these vintage photo montages since I first saw them on Chross' blog, but they fit the Dreams of Spanking idea so perfectly I've been holding off until the URL was made public. Check these out:

Aren't they wonderful? I love the facial expressions of the daydreamer, and the contrast between her lustful body language on the bench, and her submissive postures in the daydream. I'm seriously tempted to recreate this series as a full photoset for the site :)

But the most exciting thing about these images, to me, is that they represent an early example of female gaze spanking erotica. Not only female gaze, in fact - but spankee gaze.

Feminism is only a small part of my politics. Yes, I think porn in general would be improved if it represented more women's fantasies, and included more things women tend to like (such as intense psychological situations, or intimacy, or male bodies for women who like men). But in the specific case of kink and spanking, I think there is just as much a need for the spankee's gaze (or submissive gaze, or bottom gaze, or whatever language you prefer), both male and female.

So many kinky porn sites have been made by tops, and for tops, that tops' fantasies see the most representation. As a bottom, I much prefer to watch porn made by bottoms, because I find it more accurately reflects my own desires. That's not a gender thing - I am just as interested in watching F/M and M/M spanking scenarios written by male bottoms as I am in watching material written by female bottoms.

Of course, this is personal as well as political: I'm a woman and a bottom, and there's nothing I can do about that, so it's inevitable that in making films and images of my own fantasies I will be representing female and spankee desires. But it's also a conscious choice - in response to what I see as a cultural imbalance - to accurately represent my own desires, my own fantasies, even if I'm told that's a poor business decision.

Well, the internet is full of people making porn catering to what they think men want, and porn catering to what they think tops want. I've always felt that the best porn was that which accurately reflected the desires of the pornographer. You write what you know, and it's easier to get it right if you share the fantasy you're creating. I think that lots of people - women, bottoms, men, tops - would enjoy watching things from a different perspective, and I'm not the first or only person to think that.

Here's to all the women, to bottoms, to spankees and submissives making kinky porn that reflects a complementary side of The Thing We Do. I'm really excited to be part of this movement towards greater diversity in porn, and I hope that some people share my ideas about what makes spanking scenes worth watching.


Wonderful :-)

Fantastic to see the site up, and what a beautiful (and appropriate!) name.

Have signed up to the newsletter, and await developments with great interest. :-)

Motley Wanderer


Thanks so much for the comment, and the mailing list signup - I gave a little squee and a bounce when the notification landed in my inbox :)

The name took a while to reach, but it's become completely embedded. I like that it works as a noun and a verb. I like that it's a step away from the usual pr0ntastic vocabulary. It's a little long, but it's memorable and spellable, so that's okay. And as soon as the possibilities inherent in "[Name] dreams of spanking..." occurred to me, there was no going back :)

Good point about the female/spankee gaze in these pictures. These pictures ARE rather atypical in the whole history of the genre, if I'm not mistaken.

Have you read Indy's recent post about how M/M scenes appeal to females in much the same way as F/F scenes appeal to males. Female gaze indeed.

From what we see of it so far, your new "Dreams of Spanking" site looks attractive and artistic. Good name too!

Female gaze

They are rather special, aren't they? I suspect the photographer discovered dark room technology that allowed you to overlay images and got overexcited about playing with it, but it's cool that this seemed like a fun, erotic thing to do. I'd guess they're around 40s. It's always seemed to me that many male tops like peeking into the minds of what female bottoms fantasise about, so it's not as if the female/spankee gaze thing means it's a female/spankee-only audience... just a different perspective for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for the compliments - I'm glad you like the site. I'm building the full paysite behind the scenes at the moment and I can assure you, that is going to be so much more shiny ;)


Oh, and I have indeed read Indy's post - in fact I'm going to be referencing it when I write about my first M/M shoot for Dreams of Spanking next week :)

Brava. Those photos are a wonderful demonstration of what you're doing here - and one that shows the enduring hotness of pictures of people really enjoying what they're doing. (Even if it is pretend enjoying: I guess we don't know whether the model was thinking about spankings or ice-cream cones). I agree that if you create something that authentically reflects your passions, there is an excitement and an honesty about it that will draw people in even if that particular thing wouldn't have occurred to them.

The site is beautiful :-) Well done, and we eagerly anticipate lots more!

Pretend enjoying

Yeah, it's hard to ascribe motivation retrospectively, and out of context it would be completely presumptuous to claim that these pictures accurately reflect the model's fantasies, of course. But I like them as markers of a tradition which finds the idea of spankees fantasising about spanking hot, and these days, hypertext permits far more contextualisation, so hopefully future generations will feel far more confidence that *my* images accurately reflect my fantasies!

The proper actual site is going to be much prettier, but it's nice to get at least the feel of the brand out there - and lovely to finally be able to talk about the project openly!

Congratulations, Pandora! It looks beautiful. And, I don't think I've ever read the word "pornographer" with such a sense of gravitas before.

Thank you for doing the hard work of realizing so many of our dreams!

Ha, yes, it's normally a bit derogatory, isn't it? I do hope I can do your/our dreams justice. I'm still a newbie at actual filmmaking, but that's just a matter of practice...




There is nothing in the world like day dreaming....Keep your dreams alive, Lady..

Best of,

Re: Dream

Particularly not when you're daydreaming about spanking! Thankyou Bryan, I will do my best :)


What a lovely new site, Pandora! Best of luck as you continue -- I love what you write about the "spankee gaze," and will be very interested to see more of your work! :D:D

Re: Lovely!

That's lovely to hear, Rayne! Every time I get a comment of this sort from a woman I feel a tingly sense of affirmation that what I'm doing is reaching people beyond the stereotypical male porn user audience.

Thanks for the luck - I have huge amounts of work still to do, so I'm going to need it!

Spankee Gaze Curiosity

Congratulations on the site! I'm really digging the elegance of it. You're really putting an emphasis on quality and artistry.

As a top, I hadn't thought much about how a bottom's "gaze" might be different, other than to be opposite mine. But now thinking about it, I realize that's as ignorant as thinking a [het] woman's gaze is simply the reverse of a [het] man. And I've been in enough relationships to know that's not the case!

Thank you for bringing this enlightenment into my world. I'm really looking forward to seeing things more from your perspective.

Best Regards,

Re: Spankee gaze curiosity

*blush* Thankyou :) I'm glad people are liking the feel of the site so far. I can't wait to show the finished product to people!

The whole "gaze" thing is tricky to talk about, because of course I can't speak for all women/all bottoms, only for myself. And I'm not even sure I could tell you what a bottomy gaze *is* in a general sense.

There are some physical emphases that can be made though. Like, finding the top attractive and presenting the top as sexy even if they're male rather than female. Perhaps focussing on the top's hands/forearms/voice/eyes. Or having some POV camera angles looking up at them (although I think a pure bottom's POV spanking film would be rather dull - lots of carpet and not much else!)

I also get a bit frustrated by how much overlap there is between the feminist/female gaze porn movement, and the queer/indie porn movement, which results in a load of queer female gaze site but very little heterosexual/bisexual porn made by women for women. So I'm going to be doing some of that, too. :)


Stumbled across the site quite by accident, read your piece on M/M spanking, and am absolutely in love with your attitudes, verbalization of your principles, and research about into what's been said on the subject. Looking forward to seeing you get off the ground! Best of luck.

What a lovely thing to hear! I've received one stropped email from a mailing list subscriber who wants to be NOWHERE NEAR talk of M/M demanding to be unsubscribed, and everyone has told me to expect that half my audience will respond this way. But so far, it's just been that one... and the positive response has far outweighed it.

So thankyou for the affirmation that my values are not as off-putting as the established porn industry would have you believe. Here's to a new way forward!


I love what you've done with the place! Elegant, a little dark and fairly crackling with an insightful point of view---not unlike its creator.

'Looking forward to the premier even more now. My guess is it'll quickly become the standard by which all other attempts at moving "towards a greater diversity in porn" will be measured.

Break a leg!

Thankyou so very much! This comment put a big daft grin on my face. I'm glad the aesthetic suits your taste and that you're in favour of moving towards a greater diversity. I've been told so many times that no-one wants to see anything different in spanking porn - and yet my email inbox is bulging with proof to the contrary. Thanks for the affirmation and the support - I will try to live up to expectations!

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