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Dreams of Spanking is now live!

It is done. We're live, we're launched, we're accepting memberships (and have half a dozen members already - squeee!)

Take a look around, browse, explore. There's lots to look at even for non-members: each of the spanking scenes has a public preview page with a free image for photo galleries, and a free video clip for films. Let me know if you have any trouble finding anything.

The transfer from the pre-launch site to the new one might take a little time to propagate - if you're still seeing the old site, give it a little time. (Making sure you have "www." on the start of the domain name might help, as might rebooting your computer to clear the DNS cache.) No amount of testing can prepare a website for launch day: there are almost certainly some things we've missed. Please do let me know if anything isn't working for you, and I'll get right on it.

I'm planning updates on Boxing Day (a bedroom birching video), December 28th (a super hot, edgy, noir interrogation photoset with bondage takedown, struggling and belt whipping), and NYE (tense boarding school prefect bullying scene) so do check back this week if you get a chance :)

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the trailer for the movie I've just edited, Caned in Jodhpurs. This is a very intense, harsh cropping and caning scene written by Zille for her first shoot with us, in which she plays a stablegirl who's mistreated, unfairly whipped and taken advantage of by the master of the house. To make matters worse, when his wife walks in she assumes that Zille seduced him and demands that she be punished again! But before too long, the tables are turned...

(Popup player not working? Click here to view the trailer on SpankingTube.)



Well done, honey <3

*raises a glass* :)

Congratulations from me tool

Everything worked for me. As for the site I would say Great Job! Easy to navigate, attractive layout and lots of stuff to see even if you are not a member.

Well worth the wait, Thank you much


Eric, you're very welcome. I'm glad you've found the site easy and pleasant to use. We spent ages working out the navigation structure so I'm very pleased to hear that it's paid off! It's always hard to tell whether or not other people will want to use a site in the same way as you.


Everything working perfectly for me. And I love the scenes and the site!

Your glass has got to be one of the most well-deserved drinks of all time...


Yaaay, I'm so glad you like it! Thanks very much. D, Jacq and I got through a bottle of pink bubbly between us, it was highly satisfying :)

Great site, but Problems on iPad

First, I would like to express my appreciation for your site which I find very elegant and tasteful. Just some minor technical issue: While I have no problems viewing it in Safari on my Mac, it doesn't work really well on my iPad. The site appears mostly white and navigation is a bit awkward.
Nevertheless, this is just a minor Problem. I wish you a lot of success.
Yours truly

Tech corner

On the iPad: viewing in Safari, presumeably? We don't own one between us to use during the testing phase so this is useful data, we'll need to get hold of one and replicate the behaviour.

Thanks for both the compliments and the bug report!

Yes, in Safari. By the way, the movies don't work on the iPad as well. Probably related to Flash. By the way, thanks for the quick reply.

Flash / Java

This is very useful to know, thank you! Hopefully the downloaded versions do play?

Thanks again for the bug report, the more platforms we can get working the better for everyone.

Right, this is really useful to know, thankyou. I've removed all the complex graphics and styling for mobile devices so people accessing the site from their phone just get the content. It looks like the iPad is being included as a "mobile device" by that code, which is a bit daft as they're the same size as netbooks! But it probably thinks you're using an iPhone I'll look into it.

In the long term, I'm intending to replace the "HTML only" mobile version with a custom-styled version for mobile viewers, which retains some of the design but is less complex and widescreen than the full version.

However, I've just added an option to view the full website if you're viewing the mobile site - hope this helps in the meantime! Let me know if you have any more trouble with it.

web site

well done, the site is manageable and great content, I particularly appreciate the direct approach from those who clearly enjoy doing what they do, and doing it well, this I think is a refreshingly honest approach to an area of human activity that is too often ignored or treated with suspicion, you have thrown some humour and light into an otherwise opaque area.

more films please

Oh this is so lovely to hear. Thankyou for the compliments and for your membership! I'm adding two more films in the next week, but I thought it was more important to launch this year with slightly less content and then have more frequent updates than hold off while I did more editing!

I can imagine that its a lot of work but as I said that you seem to enjoy your work then it is easier , I do like your honest and,without sounding too pretentious, intelligent approach, the best of luck to you all

Working on it :)

Pandora is editing material as fast as possible, and has enough in the can to provide updates for some months. The bootstrapping plan is to push site revenue directly into new filming over the course of this year, and generate as big a content base as possible, so as to avoid life-driven missed updates.

Glad you liked it, there's been a lot of hard work gone in.

working on it

yes I can see that some thought about story line, directing, location etc must have taken some time, and the results are excellent, keep up your good work

Hello, Congratulations

Dear Pandora,

The new site looks very exciting! I have just joined, and anticipate seeing some very exciting films on it.

I have been reading your blog for something like four years - you may very vaguely remember that I left a comment about a year ago admitting that I'd read you all that time and never before heard your voice! You made some comment expressing shock and horror! Well, I was until then an enormous technophobe, convinced that I might acquire a virus if I did anything the slightest bit risky with an adult site! But now I am seeing actual films as well as pictures and blogs, and, as I say, have been waiting for your new site to go live with keen anticipation!

I look forward to seeing some very sore bottoms in due course!


Welcome back!

Very good to see you again, Ernest! I hope you enjoy our Yule-tide updates and keep coming back into the new year.

Hoorah, welcome to the exciting world of internet downloads! I can promise you that everything on our server is very safe and secure (D is incredibly paranoid about viruses) so please do go ahead and enjoy the films and pictures without fear :)


Very well done! Thank you Pandora and all of your helper to realize this project. Now the website is also displayed properly with chromium browser on ubuntu. Thank you for fixing this.

Oh, really glad to hear it's working for you now!

This wonderful site

Comment on Spanked Not Silenced. Wanted to add my congratulations here also. Dreams of Spanking is beautiful in every way possible. Photography, especially. Await patiently next updates. Downloaded a few of my favorite photos, watched about 1/2 dozen videos, 'Caning Merit Badge' and the birching one were excellent because they are unrehearsed real life. Keep up the excellence. Lou

Hi Lou, thanks so much for stopping by, it's great to see you here. I'm especially glad to hear you like the photography - I've received some comments from people disappointed that not every scene includes a video but personally I'm a fan of the simple photogallery when it's done well (and the photographers I've worked with really have produced some stunning images!)

The unrehearsed, candid dom/sub scenes are some of my favourites too, despite not being as technically ambitious as the more involved fantasies. Really pleased to hear that they work for you - we will certainly be doing more of those :)

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