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Double Play

This is another perspective on the joint scene I ran with D. to award Pandora her Domestic Service badge the other day. It was partly written because I need to get better at writing these things, at some point, but also partly as an aide memoire to Pandora (who found she had trouble remembering details afterwards, for some odd reason! ;)


Spontaneity does not come naturally to me in scenes. I'm a planner; I like the control factor of structured scene dynamics, and (since my tastes tend to the elaborate) I am kinked towards context as much as content in private play. D, on the other hand, is an expert at turning his whimsy into incredibly powerful, deep D/S. One of his skills that I am trying to learn by example is how he keeps a sub balanced in the delicious space between fear and pleasure, uncertainty and total trust. It means that when we work together, scenes flow best when I am able to fit myself into the dynamic he creates and follow that lead.

I am also very territorial about D/S. Because I tend to assume control of scenes that happen in my 'turf', I tend to defer to other tops when I'm visiting them. Because I'm currently a satellite electron within our polycule, when I visited London last week I was very highly motivated to ensure we got a chance to molest the wench together while I was there. It occurred to me that we could co-ordinate on helping Pandora to earn another of her Kinky Merit badges, and so I opened a back-channel with D. and proposed some constructive debauchery.

I suggested that we might take advantage of the chicken in his fridge to persuade Pandora to cook and serve us a nice dinner, in appropriately chosen costume, and award her the Domestic Service badge as a result. I was holding it because it's more a kink of mine than his, but he responded sufficiently enthusiastically (good food and pretty naked girl: om nom nom) that we made a broad-sketch plan and agreed to play the rest by ear. I'm working on trying to be more situational, and this seemed like a good time to test it.

As things went, it most certainly was. With the benefit of hindsight we can tell that Pandora was carrying an incipient cold, but at the time, all we knew was that she was struggling to keep emotional equilibrium when suddenly presented with a higher level of expectations. When I arrived in London there were work stresses and other fragilities to be navigated, and I was very glad I had not constructed to rigid an image of what would be entailed.

Fortunately, six-odd (sometimes very odd) years of experience at managing our shared lover have made us collectively much better at it than we used to be. This is as much a statement about Pandora as it is about her Tops; nebulous emotional turmoil is hard to work through even with help and without back pain, and she was trying nobly but failing. It took several conversations, a massage (and a spanking) to get the three of us sufficiently connected that she felt up to the challenge. Once we were back on track, we put her into her collar and that established the necessary calm and trust. Things began to go much better.

Pandora is a very good cook (and had some very pretty new underwear), and her dedication to service has never flagged. The soup course was tasty, warming and beautifully presented, with an extended intermission to digest it. When she produced a first-class roast chicken dinner, we set to with a will. While it may be true that a man's heart is best reached through his stomach, a sated Top merely turns his thoughts to further decadence. Pandora's satisfaction at delivering a well-served and tasty meal helped her recover her balance enough to disparage her own earlier instability.

"Yes, alright then - start apologising!" was D.'s smiling reaction. After a little blinking at the apparent non-sequitur, she knelt on the sofa and bent to her new task. This presented me with a lovely target in frilly pink lingerie, and it would have taken a sterner will than mine not to start spanking.

Watching Pandora deep-throat D. is very hot. They are both beautiful people and are very much in love, and their recent cohabitation has only deepened the soul-connection they share. A slow and medium-weight spanking tested her concentration and she performed admirably under that stimulus. It wasn't very long before D. withdrew his cock, the better to prolong the experience, and suggested I tag in. By that time I was more than a little hot under the collar and gladly took his seat, while he went next door to fetch out a riding crop.

As my evening steadily improved, D. kept Pandora honest with a crop, his hand, and a solid strap, and I was very impressed by how well she served my needs in spite of the distraction. Before long, the wriggling bottom in front of him brought D. back into the action and for the next hour or so we roasted the cook with great pleasure. In past joint scenes, I have tended to struggle with the sex part due to CFS-related erectile dysfunctions, but on this occasion we were able to change ends for half time without my incurring any loss of capacity, and once D. had passed the point of no return I was able to satisfy several months of frustration with a hard and lustful fucking.

While Pandora & are are both inclined towards magical language in our daily lives, D.'s sense of energies is almost entirely D/S and sex-related. In a double-scene like this, through Pandora, he and I can tune in to one another to a spiritually rewarding degree, and that sense of shared love did not fade with satisfaction. I spent two more leisurely days in the flat, we went to the gym together for the first time, and when I went on to spend an evening with Jacq. I was considerably happier than at any time since found myself out on a limb in September.


It's so rare to hear a top's description of a scene like this! Very nicely done, and thanks!


Why thank you. There'll be more; I need to get some permissions first, but it occurred to me that as someone who wants to get paid for writing mainstream fiction, the fact that I suck at writing about sex is a bit unhelpful. So I'm going to practice :)

Oh noes, we shall have to make sure you have plenty of things to write about :)

Great to meet you

Thank you, Thomas. This was a great write up - entertaining and sexy. I agree that it is good to get a Top's perspective on this kind of scene. And you have a gift for writing.

It's also good to "meet" you specifically. I've been a fan of Pandora's for several years and hopefully she also now thinks of me as a friend, as we've gotten to know one another better over various communication/social media. I told her recently that I thought that you and "D" must be very special and that I was interested to introduce myself to you.

So I'm saying "Hi" :-) I hope to get to know you better as well.

Best Regards


Your and your lovely lady share a number of things with us, including the musical talents, and I'm much looking forward to seeing you guys in person if you ever make it to this side of the pond.

Thanks for the encouragement :)

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