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The Prefect's Revenge

I came up with the idea for this scene after a day's filming for a web project of Zoe Montana's which sadly never got off the ground. I really liked the dynamic that developed in a Head Girl/prefect scene we shot, and wanted to explore the complexities of power play between two peers. Originally, the Prefect's Revenge was written with Zoe in mind, but due to her being resident in Australia for the last year and a half, the timing didn't work out (in any case, I know she isn't particularly interested in bottoming on camera these days).

When I had the opportunity to shoot with Caroline Grey earlier this year, it struck me that this scene would be a perfect way to fit in some F/F spanking. We're both of an age, physically quite well matched, and I can't imagine either of us successfully topping the other in an actual position of authority. But peers trying to take advantage of one another - that works. 

I'd just come back from filming with Spanked in Uniform, where I'd taken a first step in caning another woman on camera (memorably, the stunning Amelia Jane Rutherford) and part of me was hungry for another go. When I wrote to Caroline describing the scene, I let her choose whether she wanted to play top or bottom. She said she had no preference, so after a bit of internal wrangling, I somewhat guiltily confessed I wouldn't mind having a go at playing the top.

The Prefect's Revenge dips into an ongoing feud between two Upper Sixth girls who love to hate one another. Neither of them is quite sure where it started, but when a give-and-take of childish pranks evolved into rivalry in love, the stakes were raised. Since Pandora stole Caroline's boyfriend, Caroline has upped the ante and made Pandora's life as hellish as possible. Pandora has been biding her time, waiting for the opportunity to seek her vengeance.

When Pandora discovers Caroline is responsible for writing the sixth-form gossip rag which has had the whole school in uproar, she sees her chance to indulge in a little blackmail. Getting her hands on the precious document - proof of Caroline's guilt - gives Pandora a new power over her rival. She makes Caroline submit to a painful caning, or else have her secret revealed. Resentfully, Caroline takes her strokes. But she’s not going to let Pandora get away with this... 

As well as trying to write an F/F scenario which I could pull off convincingly as a novice top the same age as my bottom, I wanted to write a story which explored some of the more complex angles on consent. Semi-consensual and coercive scenarios hold a lot of potential for interesting psychology. I'm fascinated by spanking stories where the spankee consents under duress, consents within a range of limited options, is desperate or blackmailed. Being put in a situation where you're obliged to choose between two unpleasant alternatives gives the spanking enough unwillingness to be edgy, but the spankee's choice gives them at least some self-determination and power. I find that really interesting. 

In the end, after getting ahead of schedule filming on the first day (almost unheard of for me, and thanks in no small part to Caroline's professionalism), we had time to film a sequel to Pandora's caning of Caroline, in which Caroline gets her own revenge on Pandora with the tawse. An easy way of eradicating any guilt about topping my friend! The Prefect's Revenge Part I will be available to download from the site at launch; Part II will be released in a future update. 

So over the course of the two scenes, the back-and-forth of power balances out overall. I like the impression that these incidents are merely two in a long series of exchanges where the two young women wrangle for supremacy. I also like the way that this same-sex school feud, like so many others, holds an undercurrent of homo-eroticism. As with the famous fan pairing Harry and Draco, when two enemies are this obsessed with each other, you have to wonder if there's something more to it than simple hate.



She is rather, isn't she?

Owait, did you mean my topping style? ... Heh, it's a fair cop ;)


Your gleeful tone throughout was such fun.

Hee :) Caroline matched me glee for glee in the sequel!

Semi-consent is positively delicious, as is the trailer! ;)

Thankyou! It's good to meet likeminded people who enjoy semi and complex consent as much as I do :)

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