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Hi everybody I'm Johnny I'm just a regular guy..married..two kids doing a mundane job that brings in a living wage...one could even say I'm a little bit boring! However despite my 'regular' life since quite a young age I have always been excited and curious about all things 'SPANKING'.. Now whether it was the environment I was brought up in or the education system of the nineteen seventies when I was growing up...or the comics I loved reading which used to often finish the stories with the naughty boys or girls getting put across their father's knee and getting a 'WHACKING! ' or teachers desk and getting 'CANED'...why this had such an impact on my young mind I'm not entirely sure but it was enough for me to investigate in the privacy of my own bedroom trying out some different types of spanking implements on my bottom just to see what all the fuss was about and satisfy my curiosity. We had a dark mahogany clothes brush that hung in our downstairs Hall and often I would take it upstairs with me and spank myself with it. I was fascinated as my bottom would blush red and even though it made me wince I found the stinging sensations and throbbing addictive...thankfully my parents never caught me at it as I'm not sure I could have explain to them the reasons why!.. Needless to say this practice continued on and off for many years sampling different implements along the way always careful to hide my fetish as best I could! Like many others I'm sure I bought a few spanking magazines by mail order to satisfy my interest I really thought it was a niche interest for many years until I finally many years later got online...talk about a revelation!! I'd got married and tried mild spanking games with my wife but it wasn't really doing it for her she would indulge me but I wouldn't force her into anything she felt unwilling to do! I asked her if it would be okay to see a gentlemen I'd been speaking to online..he was local and trustworthy and had been both a top and a bottom depending on his visitors requirements. She was hesitant as she didn't want me hurt ..but accepted that I had this curious interest and she gave me her blessing which was such a trusting thing to do! I visited this gentleman regularly for a few years until his health took a turn for the worse. I told him that I had a submissive side to me and had been self spanking for a while he was very understanding and he introduced me to many different types of implement in our sessions which were an amazing learning curve for me...to see what worked and what didn't experimenting with mild bondage and some hot wax play. I was extremely fortunate in that he was patient and never sadistic..firm but never cruel I really enjoyed those sessions indeed! When I first got online one of the first spanking clips I saw was of Pandora whose name I wasn't familiar with at the time dressed as a nurse I believe getting spanked by the guy playing a doctor This led me to finding out more about the actors and actresses involved in the spanking productions still to this day...years later many have hung up their 'spanking' boots or retired but it's great to see so many still producing quality 'fairtrade' movies. Many thanks for letting me tell my little story Bigbumjohnny xx

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