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Spanking audio stories

Hi, and thanks for your interest in submitting stories to Dreams of Spanking. We occasionally publish audio erotica voiced and recorded by Pandora Blake. We are interested in considering spanking stories of between 1500-4000 words, featuring any gender mix or scenario.

For each story we use we can offer £50: this fee pays for for a non-exclusive license that would still give you the right to publish it elsewhere, and which reserves our right to alter your text when we make the recording. As long as you have the right to license it, we don't mind if it's been published elsewhere in any format. (As we understand it, us licensing the text for audio recording doesn't count as "publication" - it's more like staging it - so you may still be able to submit the story to other publishers as an "unpublished work" - but don't take our word for it).

Pandora will voice the recording of your story, and the resulting audio will go up on Dreams of Spanking for members to listen to and download. Feel free to join our affiliates scheme if you want to link to it and earn yourself a few pennies!

Instead of a cash payment, we can also offer a six month Dreams of Spanking membership instead if you prefer (usually worth £95).

We don't currently have any F/M or M/M audio stories on the site, so we would love to see submissions in this genre.

Audio is also good for ambitious concepts which would be hard to produce on film within a low budget. That might mean historical scenarios, fantasy or sci-fi scenarios - anything with ambitious locations, props, costumes or large numbers of extras. We operate within a tiny film production budget, so audio might be our only opportunity to tell this sort of story!

Political ethos

Dreams of Spanking is a feminist site, so we am not interested in publishing scenarios which play on patriarchal tropes (eg "slut punished for masturbating") unless those tropes are heavily problematised and narrative sympathy is with the spankee. Problematic tropes could be approached as a consensual roleplay, or set it in the past or future or in a fantasy universe, and make the spankee a mistreated hero or heroine. The main thing is to avoid narrative sympathy with the proponents of repressive ideas. If your story plays on race or gender violence, homophobia, transphobia or other inequalities which exist at the present time on planet earth, then think very hard about it.

We are passionate about diversity of representation, so we encourage characters who don't fit the typical porn stereotype. Feel free to make your characters people of colour, people with disabilities, fat, queer, trans, genderqueer - or otherwise different from the traditional conventionally attractive white-cis-ablebodied erotica heroine! We also prefer to explore a diversity of social settings, so be creative rather than making your story about the sort of boring wealthy lives we see on TV.

Feel free to browse the site for other info about the sort of scenario that fits our ethos.

What we like

Finally, here are a few of our personal preferences for spanking audio:


  • No verbal sound effects please. Avoid "thwack", "smack" etc. This isn't a comic book - instead, think about how a beating would be described in a novel.
  • Our members like to listen to audio spanking stories in the gym and in the car. So humour is good; an engaging storyline with twists or mystery is good. We've turned down prosaic school stories which were simply "this happened and then this happened and then this happened". We want something with a good story.
  • We like drama, psychological complexity, interesting power dynamics and plot twists. We like introspective stories that delve into the head of the characters. Let us know how they think and feel.
  • We also like suspense. Anticipating a spanking can be the most exciting part! Don't be afraid to make the listener wait before getting to the action - particularly if you use the time to ramp up the tension.
  • In general, Dreams of Spanking loves British historical scenarios, real dominance and submission, hard caning, romance and sexually-charged spankings. We love interesting psychological power plays, blackmail and complex consent as well as straightforward consensual fun between two kinky adults and sexy playful spankings. We also like darker fictional stories set in another time and place, where a character is perhaps trapped in a horrible situation, but refuses to be subdued.
  • For us, spanking is about endurance, bravery, courage and finding your inner strength. Taking a punishment might mean paying the price for a difficult choice, taking the rap for a friend, or perhaps being unfairly treated. And in more fun situations, spanking can create intimacy, sexual arousal, closeness, and a calm, relaxed state of mind - the perfect antidote to anxiety or stress.
  • We prefer well-written, three-dimensional characters who have good reasons for doing what they do. In particular, we like the spankee to be a sympathetic character, someone with understandable motivations that the listener can relate to.

Thanks for reading. Stories can be submitted by email to [email protected]. We're excited to see what you come up with!

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