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Therapeutic skill

Pandora, I love your strapping and caning technique, it's so lovely, measured and precision. I was interested to see and hear the difference when you turned the strap round. The shiny side gives so much less cushioning of micro air pockets, which makes for a distinctly slappier sound and of course a much sharper connection on Mike's cheeks.

Your advice on breathing is really spot on (and personally very useful). It really is so important in helping a cane and strap recipient manage how they receive the ministrations of those sharply punishing instruments. It helps you feel how your whole body responds - not just the obvious area of sharp stimulus and intense reaction, but elsewhere where the effects are more subtle. That's why Mike can say - I am absolutely sure with honesty beyond acting in a film - how it is making him feel better and better even though it stings painfully. That is a very real feeling of well-being for spankees, and why the job of a disciplinarian is one that demands a high level of skill and attention to detail and reaction.

And nice aftercare!! Mike Pain, you are a lucky, lucky naughty man, and I can tell you absolutely love getting that bottom of yours tanned to a lovely glowing and stinging red.

Best wishes to you both

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