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The power of story telling

After listening to this lovely story I've been thinking just how powerful story telling is in human interaction. The internet has developed immensely and broadened the possibilities visually in every area, including erotica obviously. But nevertheless I reckon the joy of being read to persists. The beauty of the medium is the imagery you create in your own mind which can really go deep, in contrast to the visual media that dictate the images in your head to a greater degree.

I think MM's narrative is well written and as you continue to read it, Pandora, the imagery and scenario develop more and more vividly in the mind. When the story reaches a turning point for Michael and he has to read from the punishment book his last punishment it's an even greater image trigger. I really felt myself identifying with this hapless miscreant. And then you describe the more severe correction he is due this time. In my head I am right over that chair arm receiving the strap, slipper and cane and then over the knee for a prolonged and totally deserved spanking with all the described implements until I am truly sorry.

If other members like these audio stories too then it would be great to have some more from time to time. I'd also be interested in whether the addition of some sound effects is a possibility or whether it would be unnecessary. Here I think they are not required and the story is fine in its pure narrative form. :-)

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