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More Mad Men please!

I'm definitely gay if Pandora is wearing men's pants! Lots to love about this video: Vix's tight skirt and translucent knickers get my heart thumping like a hammer-press! I'm pleased that personal limits were respected; anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of the cane knows that apparently gentle taps can impart a devilish sting. Vix might have played up her reactions more: "ouuuched!" a bit, waggled the sting off her bottom a bit. It's a very English caning. Americans might have been more demonstrative, in the way I'm suggesting.

There were one-or-two spanking references in Mad Men. I recall Roger and his then secretary Joan bidding farewell. Roger is holding to ping-pong bats and says to Joan: 'Can I give you a couple of paddles for old times sake?" A not-so-veiled hint of their sexual play? And there were hints that Don may be a bedroom submissive.

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