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Ah, the tricks memory plays. For some reason (partly because they take place in the same room), I had confused this scene with the one where you're in leather and Vix is in sheer blue lingerie, and thought that cross-dressed Pandora was spanking Vix in blue in what I'd seen previously.

I am torn as to what you should wear, between the laciest of lacy lingerie, and going the full cross-dressing route and be wearing boxers. The former would give an interesting contrast once the suit trousers came down, which the boxers might not - I think for the boxers to work you'd have to strip the suit, shirt and tie off entirely. (If you went for the boxers, you could, of course, having something shoved down there to complete the gender performance.)

I feel the need to go off and listen to Bandit Queen's "Miss Dandys".

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