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Yes maybe you’re right about folk needing a little more time to take this new stuff in and of course not wanting to fill this page with lots of posts from the same person as I know you don’t like it much, but I just wanted to say your M/M stuff is absolutely leading my example across all the other spanking sites which are not just male spanking scenes but a mixture of everything.

There are a few other sites trying M/M now trying to follow in your footsteps because they now realise there is a big market for it out there and they’ve missed the boat by not exploring this avenue, and then you take it one step further with James who I think is very yummy indeed, even got me questioning my own sexuality cus I think he’s hot as hell and I could quite easily fancy him,

Well there you go. I’d luv to be naked & spanked alongside him any day of the week.

I promise no more posts. xx

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