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On the hand


This is my kind of story, a joy to read. School-based, punishment of the hand, articulate female narrator, nasty teachers, guilt, shame, tears, a story of love, and of love lost. If you'd left out the smacking of bare bottoms (and the S word) it could have passed for anti-CP polemic and not porn. Not that I have any objection to the bare bottom spanking !

Reading it the first time, there were a couple of plot twists I was dreading. I was so afraid on Eleanor's behalf that the shoplifters would be caught in the act. And I feared that the others would turn on Jess for "betraying" them. I didn't guess the final twist - Eleanor forgiving Peter.

Could it become a video? I know you'll say no, and I can quote 2 obvious reasons. A cast of 6, and the requirement that 4 of them endure a caning on the hands of an intensity consistent with yelling and sobbing. Okay. So could some parts of it be retained or adapted to turn into a video? Eleanor and one teacher, say. Zoe Montana caned YOU on the hand (for another producer) a while ago. You may reply that you couldn't stand the increase in intensity that "Writing Letters" requires ...

Perhaps turn the hand caning into a hand strapping. The teacher administering it might be allowed some redeeming features. I picture Amelia-Jane Rutherford doing it with a heavy heart, yet doing it hard because she sincerely believes you "need to be taught a lesson".

In my comments on "Dirty Hands" I mentioned Xela Xaste's hand strapping by Miss Brown. You worked with Xela in Northern's "On Probation", also co-starring Aleesha Fox and Josie Harrison Marks. And Aleesha got a hand caning from Mike of Spanked-in-Uniform in his Saint Catherine's School series.

Hard hand canings (of women) are exceedingly rare. In the entire Lupus back catalogue I can only think of two "soft" ones. The best I've seen was taken by Catherine Corbett, who may have been calling herself Jenny at the time, working for Spanking Online.

Anyway ... in conclusion: pornography was originally a literary form. With the exception of Irelynn's comeback, "Writing Letters" is the most enjoyable porn I encountered in 2013. For which, thank you. Encore !

James M

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