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British spanking updates

Various UK spanking sites have released some great scenes recently starring performers you'll recognise from Dreams of Spanking. I'm very lucky to have worked with so many of the best spanking actors and actresses in the business, and I'm always interested to follow their adventures elsewhere.

At Spanking Sarah, Ten Amorette is kidnapped and punished by the rather dishy Nick Nightingale in an edgy blackmail story. Nick feels that he has been badly treated by his ex boss and decides it's payback time. He kidnaps the guy's wife and takes his revenge on her. He videotapes the whole thing as he abuses and then spanks Ten with the object of sending the video to her husband. Ten puts up a good fight but it's not long before she is bent over and getting her bare bottom well spanked and belted.

Meanwhile, at Triple A Spanking, Molly Malone and Amelia Jane Rutherford show off their long legs and impressive flexibility in 'Bad Volleyball Girls'. After being sent off for fighting during a vital game, their coach punishes them both with a hard old fashioned slippering, followed by the cane on their bared bottoms.

Northern Spanking has just released 'Unhealthy Obsession', a poignant little film starring Nimue and Janna that reminds me of my own schooldays. Janna has been reported to her housemaster by a number of her teachers for lack of concentration and lack of application, due to what they believe is an infatuation with another girl at school. Janna is to face the ultimate sanction. But will it cure her obsession?

Here's what Nimue has to say about shooting this wonderfully innocent little film:

I play the object of Janna’s obsession, and the feelings are mutual. It was wonderful to put myself into the headspace of a shy schoolgirl, who’s been having these thoughts and feelings, suddenly presented with an opportunity to act on them. The nerves, slowly pushing things a step further, feeling out the other’s mental state – does she want more, does she feel the same, not wanting to overwhelm her. Generally in most scenes I do, it’s accepted that one or both have experience, and that’s what made this scene stand out in my mind. This wasn’t an older, experienced girl corrupting a younger, inexperienced girl. This was two girls in exactly the same place, both exploring something new and forbidden together.

Head over to Northern Spanking to see 'Unhealthy Obsession' and much more.

Tight boxers and frilly aprons

Our new video (finally up after I was laid low by this horrid cold virus that's been going round) will appeal to fans of domestic service, feminine dominance, and cute boys in tight underwear. It stars Sebastian Hawley and Nimue Allen as two students who share a flat and wage a bet as to who will get the highest mark in their next essay.


Sebastian is so sure he's going to get a good mark that he's been messing around playing football rather than studying. When Nimue calls him on it he challenges her to a bet: whoever gets a higher grade gets whatever they want for a day. Of course pride comes before a fall, and Nimue's hard work pays off: she gets an A, and wins the bet.

She decides to milk it all she can -  after all, Sebastian needs to learn not to be so cocky in future. She makes Sebastian her slave for the day. And as house slave, there are rules he must follow if he wants to avoid punishment. Nimue makes him change into sexy underwear, do the dishes wearing only tight boxer briefs and a maid's apron, then dresses him up in a butler's outfit with tight trousers and smart waistcoat, and has him bring her tea and shine her shoes, while she gets ahead with her reading.

Sebastian's character thinks this whole thing is kind of ridiculous, but the bet was his idea, so he'd lose too much face by backing down now. Fair's fair, and it's only 24 hours, after all - how bad can it be?

He loses his nerve, however, when Nimue decides to use one of the spanking implements she's dredged up from around the house. He hasn't disobeyed her, so why is he going to be punished? Well, she wants to punish him, and today, that's reason enough. Worse, she's going to make him beg for it. Sebastian is her slave fair and square, and Nimue intends to make sure he knows it.

Finally, just a reminder that voting is still open in a couple of blog awards for the Most Improved Spanking Site and Spankee of the Year 2012. Dreams of Spanking is in the running for the former, which is the only website award, and I've been nominated for the latter, along with other Dreams of Spanking cast members Ten Amorette and Caroline Grey, as well as some other fantastic performers including my friends Sarah Gregory and Kami Robertson. I'm not going to insist that you vote for me, there are lots of deserving candidates, but if you haven't yet please do go and vote!

Looking forward

Happy new year! I've got a lot to look forward to in 2013. I feel like I'm starting the year in a really strong place. Living on my own suits me very well indeed, and I'm grateful for my wonderful friends and lovers, and to be able to make a living doing work I love.

They say that you should do porn as long as it makes you happy, and I have to admit I wondered whether going full time as a producer rather than shooting for other people as an occasional treat would take the sparkle out of making spanking videos. But the opposite has proved true: making my own films and bringing my fantasies to life the way I imagined them has fuelled my passion for spanking erotica. The more I do spanking, the wider my range of interests, and it was pretty wide to start with!

I'm really looking forward to 2013. By the end of 2012 I had reached my initial membership target for my first year of business, which is a great feeling and leaves me feeling really optimistic about the future. I've got some exciting plans for this year, and various projects in the pipeline which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. Look out for shoots with Caroline Grey, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Alex Reynolds and some brand new faces who have never done spanking porn before, some ambitious historical productions, "Choose your own adventure" style spanking videos, and more! I'm also working on a number of side projects loosely affiliated with Dreams of Spanking, including a feature film starring Molly Malone and Michael Darling, and a new website dedicated to celebrating the male spankee.

Unfortunately I've not felt at my best the last few days. D and I both came back from visiting family with colds which have now lasted nearly a week. Mine got significantly worse over the new year, and I now have laryngitis to add to the sinus congestion, sniffles, headaches and hacking cough. Woe is me! Of course we made it worse by stubbornly staying out late on New Year's Eve despite our struggling immune systems.

I managed to publish a photoset before New Year's Eve, which I really enjoyed editing and will write more about in my next post, but unfortunately the need to regularly lie down until the world stopped spinning slowed down my workflow, and I didn't manage to get the video I had planned ready in time. Video editing requires a lot of concentration and when your head is full of fog it's not always possible to plough through. The last couple of days I've felt worse and worse, and I decided I'd better get some real rest or else it'd drag on forever. So our next film, a domestic service movie starring Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley, is very nearly ready, but it still needs some finishing touches and a preview clip before I can upload. Meanwhile here's a glimpse of what you can look forward to:

This video will be available in the next couple of days, and I'm sorry for the delay. In the meantime I've given everyone whose membership was due to expire on or after December 30th 2012 a 5 day membership extension so that you'll have access to the forthcoming film. I'll email those concerned individually to let them know.

Being a one woman show behind the scenes is ace in some ways, as it gives me an amazing amount of control over my creative vision, but it also does mean I'm vulnerable to this sort of bad timing. One of my aims in 2013 is to get 2-3 weeks ahead with my editing so my update schedule will be more secure. I managed to get 1 week ahead a few times in 2012 but each time a project or event came up which took me away from Dreams of Spanking. Those other commitments won't go away, so getting properly on top of my editing will mean working hard, but that's not so bad when you're doing work you love.

I have great plans for this year, and after the success of the last one I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in. As soon as I'm feeling well again, that is!

Asking for a spanking

In our latest spanking video Asking For It I want a spanking - as usual! But I have a plan to get what I want. I dress up in my new school skirt and interrupt Nimue's reading with a cane and a hopeful smile. My ploy works: Nimue is happy to give me a good long spanking with her hand, ready for the caning I crave.

Nimue and I had great fun shooting this true-to-life scene and there was lots of laughter and playfulness during the spanking. I love the way Nimue warms my bottom up with her hand, and the caning was delicious too.

There's also a new photostory, Over the Boss' Knee. "Four more careless, simple errors, Miss Blake. This isn't good enough! I know you can do better - and this is the third time this week. One might almost suspect you were doing it deliberately..."

There's something very sexy and intimate about the idea of being paddled over your boss's knee, rather than bent over the desk. Especially if you fancy your boss as much as I fancy Tom!

At Cutie Spankee, it's Punishment Day. "I passed up friends' invitation because I have to get punished at home."

Spanking news roundup

There's been lots happening on the spanking blogs this last week, including several posts relevant to Dreams of Spanking, so I thought I'd bring you the highlights.


Nimue's World

Nimue Allen has been writing about her experiences of shooting for us lately. Here's what she has to say about filming "The Evil Babysitter" with Sebastian Hawley:

This one was SO MUCH FUN to shoot. It’s not often that as a young, female top I get to be creepy and inappropriate, usually older male tops get cast in those sort of roles. Sebastian played the sulky teen beautifully, and we had a lot of laughs during cuts at just how creepy and inappropriate the dialogue we were coming up with was. But in the end, it’s fairly ambiguous as to who was actually manipulating who!

I love getting the chance to work with Dreams of Spanking. Pandora puts a lot of thought into the scenes she scripts and the people she puts together for them. She also has several gorgeous male spankees, as well as the usual lovely ladies, and is putting a lot of focus into unusual power dynamics and switching scenes as well, which is wonderful for a dominant(ish) masochist like me to see!

Yay, thankyou Nimue! Nimue has been absolutely invaluable to me behind the camera on our last few shoots, and I'm looking forward to future shoots with her. You should also check out her own kinky porn site, Nimue's World, which is crammed full of sexy escapades between Nimue and her lovers and play partners, including spanking, BDSM, bondage, power play and exhibitionism.


Red Rump

Red Rump, the talented character artist specialising in smoking hot domestic F/M, was very gracious about my using his artwork as the inspiration for a spanking video. In fact, he was so chuffed he created a followup piece as a thankyou - and it's a bit more graphic than the original!

THANK YOU, Pandora! It's always gratifying for one artist to know that they have offered some inspiration to another. (and to see them wield a paddle in stripey socks...)

Thank YOU, Red Rump! I hope our video makes more people aware of your excellent art. If you haven't checked out Red Rump's blog, do - the quality is outstanding, and it's a must see for any fans of vintage and domestic F/M.


My Bottom Smarts

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts recently ran a spanko brunch very relevant to the theme of this site. She asked, "Do you have dreams about spanking? If so, how different are they from than your real life experiences?" People's answers varied, and you can check out the brunch participants responses here. If this topic interests you, feel free to answer Bonnie's question yourself in the comments.


Journey to the Darkside

Padme, a Canadian blogger who writes about her dominant/submissive TPE relationship at Journey to the Darkside, recently posted on twitter about wanting recommendations for spanking videos to watch. I directed her to this site, and decided to offer her a review pass. This site is primarily built with kinky women like me in mind, and I was very interested to see what Padme would think.

As it turned out, she loved it. She praised the quality of the productions, genuine chemistry and passion between the players, and she appreciated good looking male spankers Thomas Cameron and Jerry Diamond. Padme picked out the D/S elements and domestic belt whippings as aspects of scenes she particularly enjoyed, and described how watching the videos with her Master inspired a hot play date.

I was really chuffed at her response - it's lovely to hear that likeminded ladies in spanking relationships are looking for the same sorts of things as me in spanking videos. You can read her full review here.


Spanking Spot Spanking Awards

December is awards season, when spanking bloggers let their readers vote for their favourite sites this year. Of course these "awards" are entirely unofficial and just a bit of fun. The biggest is run by an American blog and tends to focus on US sites and performers - I've enjoyed voting over the last few years but pretty much accepted that as a UK name I'd never be nominated. (It's also an /F spanking blog, and doesn't feature anything to do with men getting spanked.) So I was delighted to see Dreams of Spanking in the running for Most Improved Spanking Site.

A year ago today this site was still in its pre-launch phase and didn't have a member's area! There isn't an award for Best New Site or Best Site - the idea is to honour the producers who have invested the most effort in their project over the last twelve months. There are some great sites in the running, including Spanking Sorority Girls, another new site. It's amazing to be nominated, especially since so many of the people nominating the site were women.

If you want to support our unique flavour of female-friendly spanking porn, focussed on stories and enthusiastic consent, please click this link to vote in the poll! (And if you let me know you voted, you'll earn my gratitude as well.)

Voting is also open for 2012 Spanking Blog (Creative), New Spankee and Best Facial Expression During a Spanking, and voting for more awards will open soon.


Best of British Spanking Awards

In response to the US emphasis of the Spanking Spot Awards, Sarah Bright has started her own awards, the Best of British. Voting is very simple - there's no nomination and poll system, just a single post where each comment is counted as one vote. I love Sarah for opening her poll to all of UK spanking, including spanked men. It would be great to see some of our talented male performers such as Michael Darling, Sebastian Hawley and Jimmy Holloway in the running, as there are so few websites dedicated to celebrating the male spankee.

All the UK producers I know are genuine enthusiasts dedicated to bringing their own vision and fantasies to life on camera, so they are all deserving candidates for the Brit Awards. Voting is dead easy: just click this link and leave a comment naming your preferences for the categories that interest you.

Kinky Sites

In non-blog news, finally, D and I have finally put up a page up for our web design and web development services. Dreams of Spanking has occupied a lot of our attention this year but now that the content management system has a year's experience handling adult e-commerce, we wondered if it would be useful to anyone else. With D's expertise developing web applications and my eye for design, we can build you a powerful, beautiful website. If you've got a kinky project that needs a web presence, get in touch.

Shoot previews - Michael Darling

The second day of last week's shoot was all about Michael Darling. Previously known as Mike Stryker, this blue-eyed, neatly bearded young man has gained a lot of fans after his shoot with Dana Kane, and I couldn't wait to get him back. This time, I felt that my topping skills had come far enough to work with him myself, and he didn't seem to mind the idea. Since we're both switches, I decided to start the day with a couple of scenes which let his top side shine:

Doesn't he look good wielding that hairbrush?

This switch scene, in which we play two young sweethearts who agree to pledge their troth in the manner of college fraternities - with ten hard swats of the wooden paddle - will be out this weekend. Look out for it!

But of course, you've all seen my bottom before - and while I had Michael for the day I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to show off his. It is rather fantastic, as anyone who's seen this photo will agree.

Michael's penchant for age play was the inspiration behind that sizzling shaved-and-spanked scene with Dana Kane, and since then not only has it become one of our most popular videos, but it's inspired age play scenes with Sebastian and Ten as well. I love giving the performers I work with input into the scenes we do, as it's when you're playing a scene that everyone is genuinely into that the real magic happens.

I knew that Michael was also very interested in pet and puppy play. It's something I've dabbled with myself, with the good folks of SM Circus. But I've never explored it in an F/M context before. Well, there's always a first time. And with fellow puppy player and accomplished domme Nimue Allen on set, how could I resist?


I wouldn't describe puppy play as my kink exactly, but I can definitely see the appeal ... and I defy anyone to not find those photos adorable.

And of course, we couldn't resist the opportunity to shoot some classic domestic F/M. Well, almost. I try to inject a bit more affection and intimacy into my F/M scenes than you'll see in traditional femdom. And I do like to show you Mr Darling's lovely face, as well as his lovely bottom:

We had a little time left at the end of the day, so before we settled in to a convivial evening of wine and gossip, we used the time to take some extra photos of Michael showing off his beautifully welted bottom in a pink floral pinny.

There's something about these images, for me, that sums up the whole idea behind this website. I just love the way his muscles look in the window reflection in that first photo. Who says nubile young men can't be sexy 50s housewives too? Ladies, I hope you'll agree.

Two day shoot with Ten and Michael

I'm just recovering from an epic two day shoot with some of my favourite performers. The flat is tidied and more or less back to normal. Memory cards are backed up and files are transferring. The rest of today is drinking tea and video editing, as I want to get one of Wednesday's scenes ready to publish this weekend.

American spanking star Ten Amorette arrived in London Tuesday night on the last stop of a whirlwind UK trip, after spending two days shooting with two other favourite woman-led spanking sites, Spanking Sarah and Northern Spanking. Sarah has already blogged some previews of her shoot with Ten - looks like they worked hard and had a lot of fun!

I met Ten for the first time in at the Texas All State Spanking Party and we struck up an instant rapport. I shot for her clips store Ten Amorette's Punishment Playhouse, and by mutual agreement the shoot included one of the most sexually explicit spanking videos either of us has ever done. It turns out that we have great chemistry.

We met again recently at the World Spanking Party in Spain, where we shared a group scene with Tom and Jerry Diamond (yeah, yeah, Tom and Jerry... we got a fair bit of mileage out of that one). Here we are in Spain after some extended two-on-two caning:

Nimue, who would be my camerawoman for both days, was the first to arrive at my place on Tuesday night. I picked up Ten from the station, and the three of us drank wine and talked shop as she recovered from a long couple of days shooting and travelling. Then it was up early the next morning to try and squeeze in all the scenes we had planned before she left for her flight home at 2pm. Tom joined us at midday to top in the last two scenes. It was an intense, busy day where not everything went to plan, but we had fun regardless and got some amazing scenarios filmed.

After Ten left I spent a couple of hours with Nimue and Tom shooting some scenes for a slightly insane new project which only I could come up with. It involved taking a lot of punishment back to back and at the end of a long day it was a real test of my endurance. I barely made it through the final couple of canings. I swear I am my own most sadistic top at times. Afterwards the three of us spent the evening recovering, hanging out and, of course, drinking more wine!

On Thursday Tom headed home and we were joined by Michael Darling, the gorgeous male switch previously known as Mike Stryker. After some changes to his personal circumstances he's changed his screen name and I think the new handle is perfect for him.

Michael told me, "my old name has served its purpose and served me well, but I decided it was time to find a new handle, something that better reflected my playful, dandyish nature: my inner child and my outer darling". Both those aspects of Michael's personality were brought out during the shoot, plus others besides.

He was amazing to work with, as ever, and we filmed some seriously hot scenes. I'll post some previews once I've had a chance to sort through the stills, but meanwhile here's a picture of his bottom after ten swats with the wooden paddle which he posted to Twitter:

This was the first shoot in my new flat, and it really made it feel like home. I'm living alone now after a difficult year of temporary accommodation and unpleasant housemates, and I couldn't be happier. It's wonderful to finally have my own space. I love the process of settling into a place and making it my own, and since I launched Dreams of Spanking there's a part of my brain which never feels like I've really occupied somewhere until I've filmed there! It was very affirming to be able to host a shoot and bring the space to life in a variety of scenes. The flat has been thoroughly warmed by all the hotness that's taken place. I can't wait to share the results with you!

Professional discipline and positive spanking

In our latest spanking film I play a shy kinky girl who has never been spanked - in fact I'm so nervous I can barely say the word "spanking"! This might stretch your credulity a bit, but bear with me. The story is that my supportive girlfriend Nimue, to whom I have confessed my discipline fantasies, is curious and wants to help me explore them - but she has no experience either and doesn't want to muck it up. She decides to treat me to a session with a professional disciplinarian who will be able to help me articulate my desires and guide me through my first time.


It's a really sweet little film about positive spanking, empowering discipline and the amazing feeling of bringing your fantasies to life for the first time. I love Tom in the persona of the calm, courteous spanker who is serious about his work, detached from sexual motivations and dedicated to providing a positive discipline experience.

I like the idea of doing some sequels to this scene, perhaps showing a future visit where my character confesses she needs some real punishment for bad behaviour, or the professional teaching the girlfriend how to provide for her partner's needs.

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

The Professional Disciplinarian The Professional Disciplinarian

Of course if you are lucky enough to have friends or lovers with compatible kinks, that can bring a whole other world of joy - but I understand that this isn't always possible. If you are new to spanking, particularly, I think visiting a professional to find out what it's like can be a really good idea. Obviously I offer professional spanking sessions myself, so there's no denying my bias, but I do so because I genuinely believe it provides a helpful and positive service. 

A professional will be able to provide reassurance that you are normal and there's nothing wrong with you. I spend a lot of time talking to people about their fantasies and it's lovely to be able to help people accept their sexuality. A professional will also have the experience to help you work out how to communicate what you want, and to be accurate and able to pitch things at the right level for you, so there's less risk of being put off further exploration by playing with someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Young inexperienced women are especially at risk of being preyed on by creeps on a power trip - with a professional top that's much less likely. And much more than, say, a play encounter at a spanking party, a professional top will be wholly focussed on bringing your fantasy to life and creating a custom experience that's designed to be as fulfilling as possible.

Pixie wrote a great post about how she visited a professional top early on in her kinky exploration. She has some really interesting things to say from her experience on both sides of a professional encounter.

Historical punishments

At Whipped Women they have a powdered-and-wigged singletail punishment which appears to be set in the 18th century. "Question of Honour: the extreme whipping of an unfaithful lady." I love the costumes, and the actors seem to be having fun with it - although that lash across the back of the knees looks nasty.

At Lupus Spanking, the butcher's daughter is caned in the spooky and surreal historical extravaganza The Curse of Sir Frederick:

Our update My Lady's Pleasure starring Tom and Nimue isn't explicitly historical, but it does feature an aristocratic lady and her manservant, and that sort of upstairs/downstairs theme definitely belongs to bygone times. In a twist on the usual dynamic, our forthright Lady demands that her burly serving man give her the sound thrashing she craves. Initially hesitant, the loyal retainer overcomes his reluctance when he sees the pleasure it brings her, and soon lays on with a will. By the time the springy riding crop has done its work, her ladyship's bottom is as red as her hair.

Pencil skirts and school punishments

This last week I have:

  • worked three days at my latest office contract
  • unpacked my new flat and hosted a small flatwarming
  • done all sorts of housemove admin like ordering broadband and changing energy supplier
  • sworn a lot at the flaky mobile broadband dongle which is currently my only connection to the outside world
  • shot with Spanking Sarah
  • planned Dreams of Spanking shoots with Caroline Grey and Ten Amorette
  • alternated 3 hours and 7 hours sleep a night 
  • ... and got all my products ready for Dreams of Spankings' first vendor's stall at the World Spain Spanking Party this weekend. Well, nearly.

It's this last item that has occupied most of my attention, and been the reason I've worked full days in the office twice on 3 hours sleep or less. The only reason I've coped at all is how beautiful and happy-making my new flat is - finally, my own place, with high ceilings and enough space for my possessions and a beautiful garden, and most importantly no horrible flatmates! - and how energising work is.

Creating the items to sell in Spain has been particularly affirming. I'm deeply attached to and invested in this website, and launching the member's site last December was exciting enough. Each time I upload a new scene I feel a little jolt of creative satisfaction. But there's something uniquely special about turning all my digital endeavours into real, physical products you can hold in your hand, and it's extremely satisfying.

Meanwhile, here are some previews from the latest Dreams of Spanking updates. Firstly, I bend over and show off my curves in Pencil Skirt:

This gallery has proved an unexpected springboard for discussion... it seems lots of you have something to say about the sight of me bending over in a tight pencil skirt!

Actually I always feel a bit unsure about posting photo galleries that don't feature any actual spanking, but based on how popular this gallery seems to be, perhaps teasing photos are more welcome than I think. This set has generated several requests for a video which does include actual spanking, so there's more to come for skirt fans.

All three of cane, wooden paddle and wooden clothes brush have been requested, so let me know if you have a preference. It might end up being three different videos, unless I can find out a way of creating choose-your-own-adventure spanking videos... but I think that's a project for another time!

These photos were taken with the role of a spankee secretary in mind, and that's how most viewers have responded - they do include an awful lot of bending over, after all. But I think my new found toppy energy is bubbling to the surface in some of them. The result is a bit of an accidental switch set, and I quite like it.

Our most recent film update is a school over the knee punishment spanking, Only His Hand. The concept behind this one was simple. I wanted to do a school punishment that was very traditional and authentic in atmosphere (with slight creative license in that it portrays a bare bottom spanking of a female pupil by a male teacher). 


In my fantasies the emphasis in this scenario is on the helplessness of the spankee - trapped in a leg lock, her bare bottom vulnerably up-ended over the teacher's strong knee. Skin goose-pimpled and trembling, unable to escape the onslaught of hard stinging spanks no matter how much she struggles and cries. It's crucial to the fantasy that the teacher be a nice one, someone who had high hopes of her and has been disappointed.

As soon as the line "since you've made so free with your hand, I shall make free with mine" popped into my head, I had the storyline for this scene. Slapping another pupil is the last in a series of offences for which our schoolgirl has been punished with detentions, lines, the slipper, tawse and cane. When these fail to work, her teacher decides to match the punishment to the crime with a prolongued, very hard hand spanking, on the bare and fiercely vigorous straight from cold. I love the idea a hand spanking so severe that it's more of a deterrent than the cane for a serial offender. 


When we were filming this I told Tom to spank me as long, as fast and as hard as he could (after which I may have remarked "oh god, what am I letting myself in for." Such are the perils of being a spankee director!), with occasional pauses for scolding so that his shoulder didn't fall off.

Tom is a hard spanker, and this was bloody painful, but being able to struggle and squeal and yell in outrage made it easier to bear than if I'd had to be good. I was buzzing after this one for hours!

I'm deeply gratified to learn that you enjoy this scenario as much as I always have - it's been lovely to receive so much positive feedback on this film. I think my favourite comment has been by fellow blogger Brush Strokes, which left me blushing almost as red as my bottom was after this spanking. We seem to have pressed a few of his buttons:

You know Dear Reader I am having trouble finding words to describe this next scene from our own Pandora Blake on Dreams of Spanking. I want to call it realistic but that is not the right word. It is more along the lines of authentic. Indeed probably one of the most authentic OTK Spanking scenes I have ever seen. Pandora who strikes another student is of course spanked. The OTK Spanking that Thomas Cameron gives her is almost as perfect as one can give. It is hard and it is painful and her reaction to it is exactly how one would imagine a girl in that situation would react. It is a very very fine piece. One they should be supremely proud of.

Amid all the preparations for Spain, I'm afraid I haven't had any time to edit a new Dreams of Spanking scene this week, so the next film is going to be a little late. That should go up today or tomorrow, and next week's film will probably go up on the Tuesday as well. After that, we'll be back to our usual weekend update schedule, so any 5-day subscribers next week will be able to get two new scenes if they time it right ;)

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