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Free spanking videos to fight censorship

In January, to protest the ridiculous and damaging new UK porn laws that were brought in on 1 December 2014, making it illegal for anyone in the UK to distribute videos online which would not be classifiable with an R18 rating by the BBFC, I ran a fundraising campaign. To generate cash for Backlash, the UK organisation dedicated to defending our sexual freedoms and providing legal support for those affected by laws like this, I pledged to take one hard cane stroke for every £10 raised.

The fundraiser was a runaway success, and even with Nimue Allen standing with me, we quickly reached our self-imposed maximum of 50 hard cane strokes each and had to recruit additional bottoms to help us out. Luckily, I know quite a few people willing to bend over and take a caning for a good cause.

Free caning video: Ariel Anderssen takes a judicial punishment caning of 24 hard cane strokes

Our team of brave volunteers included Ariel Anderssen, better known in the spanking scene as Amelia Jane Rutherford. She pledged up to 25 strokes - which were sponsored within hours! - and she and her husband Hywel Phillips also offered to donate a free caning video as a stretch goal reward. Ariel's Judicial Caning was produced as a custom film, and they were planning to release it as exclusive members-only content on their glamour bondage site Restrained Elegance. To support the cause, they promised to publish it free online instead if the fundraiser reached its target.

Alongside Dreams of Spanking and Nimue's World, Restrained Elegance is also hit hard by the new laws - when and if the law is enforced, they will have to take down substantial amounts of content featuring full bondage of both hands and feet with a gag, or perhaps stop trading entirely. Hywel and Ariel's site is an authentic depiction of their erotic and romantic lives, and all their films are safely and consensually produced by experienced bondage enthusiasts. It's a crying shame that this sort of positive, couple-oriented adult content stands to be taken offline in the name of "protecting children", when fetish porn can provide such a necessary role in helping young people with marginalised sexualities feel less desperate and alone.

The good news is that thanks to a surge of support from the kinky community, our fundraiser raised more than we ever expected - the final figure was £3836. As promised, Ariel's Judicial Caning was released last week. It's beautifully shot by Hywel on high-end cameras, and the film really captures the anticipation and tension of a severe caning, particularly Ariel's nervous body language as she strips for punishment. The marks are gorgeous, too.

Free caning video: Ariel Anderssen takes a judicial punishment caning of 24 hard cane strokes
Free caning video: Ariel Anderssen takes a judicial punishment caning of 24 hard cane strokes
Free caning video: Ariel Anderssen takes a judicial punishment caning of 24 hard cane strokes

As if that wasn't enough, we've been proud to host another guest update this week, too: Knowing by Michael Stamp and Zoe Page.

Knowing - a study in the anticipation a submissive feels before she is punished. By Michael Stamp and Zoe Page.

Mike and Zoe are a real life kinky couple, and for years they worked together on Mike's membership site Bars and Stripes, a female-submissive spanking series set in a women's prison. Bars was one of the first sites I worked for when I started out as a porn performer and along with their good friends Northern Spanking, with whom they often shared shoots, they set the gold standard for ethical production and taking care of their performers. When I worked for Bars, I was given the opportunity to write my own character, contribute scene ideas, and the shoots were tremendously good fun, with lots of cameraderie on set, yummy food and drink and post-shoot evening parties. Playing a recurring character allowed me to get really immersed in the roleplay, which made for a more satisfying shoot experience - and allowed us to go deeper and further in terms of the intensity than if we were less invested in the narrative. Working with tops who would quickly become close friends, including Mike, Northern Spanking founders Paul Kennedy and Lucy McLean, and later Zoe Page when she joined the project, made everything that much more enjoyable.

So I was really sad to learn that, as a direct consequence of the new UK laws, Mike had sold Bars and Stripes overseas, along with all his unedited content. Northern Spanking have done the same thing, and are now based in California. This is happening everywhere I look: producers selling up, relinquishing control of UK projects that had a hugely positive effect on the UK porn industry. When the shining examples of ethical, performer-driven production shut up shop or move overseas, where does that leave UK porn?

I'm getting increasing numbers of enquiries from porn performers looking for fetish or spanking work in the UK and wanting to shoot with safe, ethical producers. More and more sites are moving their production overseas, and there are fewer and fewer producers I am able to recommend to new performers.

Not to mention that UK sites closing down or selling up will reduce the amount of good content available to UK viewers, and the influence ethically produced fetish porn can have within the UK fetish scene. If ATVOD go ahead with their long-term plan to ban all overseas content that doesn't comply with their regulations from being viewed from within the UK, by blocking it using the UK internet filter, then eventually people in the UK won't be able to view this sort of content at all.

Which is why, when Mike and Zoe produced a new sort of spanking film, which premiered at the British Fetish Film Festival last month, they wanted to help our fundraiser any way they could. Mike no longer has editorial control of Bars and Stripes, so he couldn't donate any site memberships or members-only films as stretch goal rewards. But he did offer us this film.

Knowing - a study in the anticipation a submissive feels before she is punished. By Michael Stamp and Zoe Page.

Knowing is a short study in the anticipation a submissive feels when they know they are about to be punished. Created by husband-and-wife team Michael Stamp and Zoe Page, this shows a side of the normally dominant Zoe that we have never seen before. It's a beautiful piece of film-making, and I love the way sound is used to heighten the emotional tension. There's also something thrilling and teasing about the way that it ends just as a normal spanking film would be about to get started. I think it's beautiful, and I'm very grateful to Mike and Zoe for releasing it.

Knowing - a study in the anticipation a submissive feels before she is punished. By Michael Stamp and Zoe Page. Knowing - a study in the anticipation a submissive feels before she is punished. By Michael Stamp and Zoe Page.

I hope you enjoy Ariel's Judicial Caning and Knowing. I've posted them as guest updates this week because all my time and energy at the moment is going to producing and editing the sponsored caning videos which we pledged in our fundraiser. I'm also doing a lot of activism, organising and media appearances - to raise awareness of the new laws, and fight for the right of porn performers, producers, and all sex workers to do the work they choose without being criminalised and stigmatised. The Backlash sponsored caning films will all be released on Dreams of Spanking as soon as they're ready - the first one shows me caning Amelia Jane Rutherford, and will go online this Friday.

Meanwhile, thanks again to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser - the money will be invaluable in helping Backlash support producers who are targeted by ATVOD and forced to comply with the new regulations. You can still donate to Backlash here if you missed your chance before - and legal fees are expensive, so please give as much as you can afford.

While I'm focussing so much energy on the campaign, I could also use your support. Please help me continue to do this important work by joining Dreams of Spanking. For only £20 you can own our extensive archive of exclusive, members-only scenes - which are all available for you to download and re-watch as often as you wish. Behind the scenes videos, out-takes and performer interviews are also included in the same price (an idea I can credit to Northern Spanking). Please help us keep UK spanking porn alive and thriving, despite the efforts of the government to shut us down.

Crying while topping

The last scene from Jimmy Holloway's first ever spanking shoot has just gone up: Punishment by Proxy. It's a squirmy, awful little scene which we had a LOT of fun making.

Neither of us had really spanked someone before, so having to spank each other was a punishment in itself. We both felt self-conscious and embarrassed. If we'd actually been hurting each other in a way the other didn't want we'd have been appalled, so it didn't take much acting to exaggerate our innate sense of empathy and horror of doing harm.

The juiciest, horriblest bit of this edgy scene, for me, was the way that both of us tried to be ever so brave during our spankings, to try and protect each other. So in each spanking it was the spanker that was suffering most visibly, while the spankee hid their face and tried to be as stoic as possible. Crying while topping: may in fact be my new favourite kink.

Fun facts:

1. This film wins the prize for the highest number of categories so far - F/F, F/M and M/F!

2. The pad with the bristles on actually flew out of the Mason & Pearson brush while Zoe was spanking me - twice. The first time is captured in the out takes at the end of the movie, and the second time it happened we kept rolling and went with it. Although I'd have quite liked to do this scene with a wooden hairbrush, I didn't think it was fair to inflict that on Jimmy on his first shoot; and given his hip problems, we were better off not trying. I can assure you that the Mason & Pearson can pack a real wallop, and has made me struggle over Tom's lap on many occasions.

The other reason this film is special to me is the behind the scenes video. At the end of the day, since we had a little time left, Zoe asked Jimmy if he'd like another six with the cane to round things off. He seemed keen on the idea, if somewhat nervous. She didn't go light on him, either, and he took them very well indeed. The whole little scene was entirely unplanned and unscripted, and it was lovely to watch Zoe and Jimmy just enjoying the chance to play a little more while they had the chance.

Little girls, big spankings

As an adult spankee, there are few things more self-indulgent - and more satisfying - than playing a little pouty punished girl. Similar to the pleasure of expressing all those emotions we aren't allowed as grownups through the role of a teenage schoolgirl, from brattiness and bitchiness to naive innocence and indignance, being spanked as a little girl is a different emotional rollercoaster to being spanked as an adult woman. You can be poutier, brattier, you can make more of a fuss... but you get to feel safer, littler, more protected and more controlled. Especially for high powered adult spankees who are very much in charge of their lives and careers, this kind of play can offer therapeutic relief from the responsibility of the real world.

I didn't plan it this way, but both this week's site updates explore the theme of domestic age play - one F/F, one M/F.

Ms Howard's Little Girl is an age play fantasy starring Zoe Montana and myself, and the scenario was suggested by a reader of my blog. Tammy is staying at Ms Howard's house for the summer, and is unused to her strict rules and old-fashioned methods of punishment.

Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl  Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl

I find the idea of visiting an over-strict guardian makes the fantasy much easier: not only is it more believable for a kid to get into lots of trouble if they're new to this sort of discipline, but it makes the whole thing a bit more permissible because they aren't stuck there forever. Rather than a dark narrative of someone desperately trapped in a horrible situation, the spankee who's new to the situation is able to respond with the indignance, surprise and brattiness which is so much fun to watch.

Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl  Preview image for Ms Howards Little Girl

(Speaking of visiting, Zoe is currently in the UK for a few weeks, and I had loads of fun meeting up with her for some spanking play on Friday. She's an expert caner and so much fun to hang out with - an ideal combination as far as I'm concerned! We've got some more shoots planned while she's here, including some much more grownup/erotic scenarios. I can't wait.)

Our latest video update, Through the Bedroom Door, explores a voyeuristic angle on domestic punishments. Caught peeking in at her cousin Amelia's spanking, Pandora earns herself the same punishment. When they complain about this treatment, their strict guardian decides that six of the best will teach the girls some respect.

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Ever since the day I took these photos of Zille Defeu being punished in the bedroom, while I hid outside, listening and peeking like a naughty sibling trying not to be caught, I've wanted to make a film exploring this voyeuristic angle. I think the idea of overhearing or glimpsing a real domestic punishment is a hot button for a lot of people, especially those who really did encounter friends and neighbours being punished when they were young.

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door  Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

The implication in this scene is that punishments of this severity are normal in the household. The girls are indignant, but their guardian's manner gives the impression that this level of strictness is par for the course, not an extreme circumstance. My personal interpretation of this scene is that the girls are wartime evacuees sent to stay with a male friend of the family, but you can read it however you like.

Tom was very convincingly scary as the old-fashioned guardian, and Amelia and I had a lot of fun being pouty and indignant together, and not getting away with it in the slightest!

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Preview image for Through the Bedroom Door

Lou requested these screengrabs of the ending, where Amelia and I are kneeling next to each other on the bed. Enjoy!

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